Fun Spring Activities for Teenagers

Spring has finally arrived. It brings with it warm days and beautiful skies. It’s also a great time for teens to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature. The following are some fun activities that teens can do this spring.

 Photo journal

Spring puts new flowers and beautiful blooms on display. This is the perfect time of year for teens to cultivate an interest in nature and photography. Teenagers can start a photo journal of nature this spring. All they need to capture Mother Nature’s majesty this spring is a digital camera and the great outdoors.


Get back to nature and let your teen demonstrate his survival skills. Give him a tent and let him head for the great outdoors. If your teen isn’t quite ready to experience nature at its fullest, then they can opt to go camping in their own back yard.

Nature walks

Nature walks are another way for teens to experience nature this spring. There are several different places to choose from for their nature walk like the local park, a nature trail, or their own backyard. Teens should remember safety rules while on their nature walk. They should plan for the weather and to let someone know where they plan to go walking. During their walk, they can observe the different types of birds, insects, and flowers. This is also a great time to get some great nature photos.


Playing sports is a fun way for teens to enjoy the warm weather of spring. Sports like softball, baseball, and basketball are great outdoors sporting activities. They can help teens stay in shape, build team work skills, and critical thinking abilities.


Picnics are great springtime activities for teenagers. They get to enjoy good food and to socialize with friends and family. Teens can have their picnic in a local park, at the beach, or in their backyard.


Teenagers can learn how to produce their own vegetables. By planting a garden, they will be learning responsibility and self-reliance. Some vegetables that are great to plant this time of year are carrots, chives, onions, broccoli and peas.

Flower garden

If they don’t want to plant a garden but like pretty flowers, they can opt to plant a flower garden. Spring is a great time to plant those pretty spring flowers. Seasonal spring flowers they can plant are pansies, gladiolus, forget-me-nots, tulips and lilies. 

The cold days are over, and warm weather has set in. As nature is reborn, now is a good time for teens to appreciate all the beauty of nature by doing some of the fun activities listed above.