Fun Rainy Day Activities

Rainy days do not have to be boring. They can actually be a lot of fun. Young children look forward to the rainy days because they are times when they are able to just play and have fun.  Here are some great activities for a rainy day.

Making salt Clay – There are a lot of recipes on the Internet. Pick a favorite, one of ours is Baker’s Clay from Once the dough is made you can roll it out, use cookie cutters to make shapes and then bake them for some painting fun.

Play with Playdough – Get out the playdough, make shapes and then squash them. This is an old time favorite activity and fun for the child in us all.

Bake together – Baking cupcakes or cookies to decorate is a must on a rainy day. Kids can have a lot of fun creating their own personalized cupcake or cookie. Of course you have to make some that are not meant for decorating. Sitting at the table with a fresh baked cookie and a glass of milk is a must on a rainy day.

Make puppets and then put on a puppet show – It combines art and imagination and is something that children of any age can be a part of. Get out the coloring books, color pictures of any character that you wish. Cut the shape out and glue it to a piece of card stock paper. Glue a Popsicle stick to the back of the character and you are ready to put on a show! Of course you might have to eat one of your cupcakes while the glue dries.

Play Games – Sometimes it is nice to stray from computer games and play board games, which is a fun rainy day activity. Candyland is a great game for young children; Monopoly is fun for older children. Of course there are many other board games to play. Cards are also a lot of fun, games like Go Fish and Crazy Eight are all time kid favorites.

Write stories – As children get older writing stories together is a lot of fun. One person can start the story, pass it to the next person to add to it and keep it going until you have an amazingly funny story that boasts different talents and points of view.

Make Cards together – Get out the card making supplies. Paper, markers, glitter, and stickers, is a great way to create cards that you can use for birthdays and holiday’s or just make them for “anytime” days.

Visit a nursing home – People confined in a nursing home love to see young children. It makes their day to have young visitors. It’s an added treat if you come with a card, gift, cookie or cupcake that you’ve made and share it with them. Seeing the joy you bring them is a memory that you will always treasure.

Watch a movie or cartoon – Kick back and watch a cartoon or movie. Pop some popcorn and enjoy the movie. This is relaxing for everyone.

Read a book – When children are small they love to be read to. As they get older and learn to read on their own, it is fun to share the reading.

Rainy days can be a lot of fun and days that people look forward to so they can escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.