Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids

     Rainy days inspire creativity. Rather than being stuck inside with grumpy, grumbling children take advantage of the situation to create special memories. Transform dreary, rainy days into fun-filled days of adventure and activities inside and outside.

     Find your raincoats and boots and head outside for wet weather adventures. Remember to bring your camera to record these special memories with your children. Then, take a walk in the rain with your little ones. Along the way count all of the puddles you find together. Let them enjoy jumping in each puddle. See who can make the biggest splash or jump the highest. Compete to see who can find the biggest puddle possible. If you have time before taking your rainy day walk, create a scavenger hunt list. Look for rainy day sights such as drain pipes, floating leaves, windshield wipers wiping and ripples in puddles. Make up a special dance for when it rains. Be sure to include lots of stomping and spinning to maximize splashing! Take lots of pictures to remember your rainy day adventure. Once your outside fun is done, use those pictures to create a family rainy day book, scrapbook, blog or webpage. Have your children pick out their favorite pictures and let them write the captions. Keep adding more rainy day pictures to your project. Watch your children and seasons change over time. Let them share their rainy day fun with friends and relatives.

     If going outside is not an option, then make staying inside a day your little ones will remember. Create a rainy day activity log of all the possible projects and activities for the day. Let your children choose which ones they wish to do. On rainy days, there are so many possibilities to choose from, here are a few suggestions. Bring out craft supplies. Make collages with poster boards and pictures from magazines. Use colored tissue paper, glue and a glass bottle to make a beautiful vase. Just “paint” on squares of tissue papers on the bottle with glue. Make a mosaic out of poster board and scraps of construction paper. Besides crafts, create a tradition of holding a board game competition. Choose your four favorite board games; play as individuals or as teams, then see who can win three out of four different games. Also, consider keeping a special box of toys just for rainy days or during winter, snow days. Include costumes in your special box and use them to put on a rainy day play. Let your children’s imaginations run wild. Help them find props, write dialogue and make a stage. Break down old card board boxes and tape them together so your children can design the perfect stage scenery. You could also make a special treat together such as brownies, cookies or Rice Krispies Treats. Save them for later when you host Movie Time! Make hot cocoa, eat the treats you baked together, snuggle up with pillows, blankets and sleeping bags on the floor and a favorite movie. Lastly, create a Reading Cave. Drape sheets over furniture; tuck blankets underneath with a stack of books and you have the perfect Reading Cave. If you find by the afternoon you need more rainy day ideas and inspiration, try Disney Family Fun for activity suggestions.

     When filled with fun activities and adventures, rainy days will become a source of excitement and anticipation for your children. Soon your children will be looking out the window every day hoping for rain, eagerly waiting to make more treasured memories.