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Fun Kid’s Activities to Beat the Winter Blues

” I’m bored!” It’s the statement of choice with kids, especially during winter break. No school, no group of friends to interact with, and no teacher to give instructions, can leave kids completely out of their routines. Listening to a complaining kid all day is no pleasant experience. Finding fun kid’s activities to beat the winter break blues can be accomplished by taking a tip or two from the options below:

Make crafts

By giving kids items like crayons, paper, paper plates, and glue, you can really turn a dull day into a creative wonder. Let kids display their artwork as if it were in a gallery, or have a contest. And in the event a little crayon masterpiece gets displayed on the wall(s), a cleanser called Formula 409 will remove the coloring and leave a blank new canvas.

Put on a Play

Kids are naturally into acting up so put that acting into good use! Let them decide what the play is about, and help them write each person’s lines ( if needed ). Toss in some fun play wear and items for props. Allow time for them to get things ready, then, enjoy the show! Something along the lines of an ice queen holding all the kids captive in her ice castle could be fun to perform.

Dance Party

 Crank up the tunes and have a ball! Not only is it fun, it will allow kids to get some exercise in and burn-off a lot of stored energy. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to music genres, but a suggestion is to try listening to the “golden oldies”. Music from the 50s and 60s are usually free of vulgar language and are upbeat in nature.

Volunteer as a family

Get everyone together and put an effort into helping others. Not only is it a great way to enjoy some structured time together, it’s a chance to learn. Sure, reading, writing, and arithmetic are essential values to learn, but so is selflessness, giving, and humanity toward others. Volunteering opportunities can be found in nursing facilities, churches, community centers, and animal shelters. Choose the one, or two, or three, that everyone wants to donate their time to.

Clean house

While it doesn’t sound like an activity, cleaning up can be shifted into a great time. Assign each child specific things that need to be done. Next, get silly! Add the rule that they have to wear mismatched socks, backwards shirts, or even a silly hair style, to turn the hum-drum of cleaning into an exciting activity. This one could have awesome benefits: a clean house, well exercised kids, and happier parents! 

Plan a story day

 Take turns selecting, and reading each person’s favorite stories aloud. Toss in the benefit of staying in pajamas all day, diving into cups of hot cocoa and marshmallows, and snuggling up in big, cozy blankets to seal the deal. Some reading suggestions are Hansel and Gretel, The Stinky Cheese Man, and Where the Wild Things Are.

Winter Theater

 Everybody gets to munch on popcorn, sweet treats, and soda pop, while watching some fun family favorite movies. If healthier snacks are desired, try veggies with dip, fruit snacks, and juice or water. Choose from chilly, winter themed videos, or encourage the arrival of spring and summer with some sunny hits. A couple of suggestions are: Charlotte’s Web, Babe, Chicken Little, Up, and Frosty the Snowman.

Fun kid’s activities to beat the winter break blues can be inexpensive and delightful for parents too! Don’t wade through the winter break with a sea of complaints. Set calendar schedules for each day’s planned activities so that preparations can be made accordingly. Charging the batteries for the camera or breaking out the video recorder to capture the excitement can be great for preserving the precious memories of the kids beating the winter break blues.