Fun Baby Playgroup Activities

Many parents of babies will opt to not join playgroups with their babies because they feel they won’t get anything out of it. This is not the case at all, there are many different activities for playgroups that babies and mothers alike will be able to enjoy. Starting playgroups at a very early time in their lives will give babies a social advantage later since they will already know how to interact with their peers.

Story Time

Many local libraries and even some book stores offer story hours on a regular basis. Some offer story time for a specific age group while others offer them to all children at the same time. Library story times that are geared toward the youngest of children will typically only last about twenty minutes during which the person leading the event will read a story and perhaps sing a song with the children. In addition to just listening to the story, there are also areas where children can play for a little bit after the organized story time is over. These events are typically free.

Walk and Play

Most communities have several parks that have walking trails that are appropriate for pushing a stroller around. This is a great idea for an activity to do with very young children as the fresh air is very good for them and the changes in scenery can be stimulating to them as well. After the mothers are done walking, blankets can be laid out in the grass so that the babies have the opportunity to interact with each other. Though the babies are too young to play on playground equipment, having the opportunity to see other children is a great opportunity for them.

Music Play Dates

All people, regardless of their age enjoy music. This is the reason that a playgroup activity based around music is a perfect choice for babies. A musical play date can be as simple as allowing the children to listen to music while interacting with each other. However, everyday items and wooden musical instruments by Melissa and Doug can be made available for children to make their own music.  This is stimulating to little brains and also an activity that can be easily adapted to the ages of the babies involved in the event.

Playgroups intended for the youngest of children will provide a lot of social lessons for the babies and will also give new mothers the opportunity to socialize that they so often need. Babies will learn to interact with their peers and to adjust to different situations as a result of their exposure to playgroups. If there is not a playgroup in the area, a little time and determination will make it possible to establish one.