Fun and Sun

Summer is the season of fun. Nowadays, more children are opting to stay inside playing video games, or watching their favorite shows. Kids may thrilled to be out of school for the summer, but after that first week its almost as if they’ve exhausted all of their summer fun options, and have no idea what to do afterwards. So how do you peel your kids off the couch and get them back outside again?

Here are ten games you can try, the only catch is they have to be played outside. Keep in mind the must haves for summer, sunscreen, insect repellant, and hydration. Also, make sure to get out of the heat when you or the kids have had too much.

Cool it, Hot Tamale

This game is the same concept as Hot Potato, only using water balloons instead. Everyone stands in a circle, the person tosses the balloon to a different person and yells hot tamale. The person that drops, or has a balloon bust on them is out. You can play using one water balloon at a time, or up the stakes and have a player that is already out toss in another balloon during the game. Please keep in mind that balloons are a choking hazard for small children, and can cause harm to wildlife, picking up all pieces at the end of the game is important, make a game of it.

Backyard obstacle course

Use hula hoops, and beach balls for the first part of the course. Hang the hoops at different heights and award points for every child who gets a ball through the hoops. You can use straw bales to jump over and have a slip and slide going that a player has to run down without falling. You can vary the course to fit your own backyard and liking. Keep it safe.

Spider hunting

You can forego the sunscreen with this game as it is played best after dark. Spider’s eyes reflect the light of a flashlight.  Give children a set amount of time to find as many spiders as they can. They child with the most amount of spiders hunted wins the game.

Galaxy wars

This is another game that is best played after dark. Put glow sticks in a balloons, you can even have the children paint the balloons like planets with glow in the dark paint before the game starts. An adult should put all the balloons in the yard, making sure that they are pretty far apart, and in random places. Give each child an area that is there galaxy, hula hoops work well as markers. After all balloons have been set out, have the children collect them to add to their galaxy. The children have to walk like a space man to get the balloons, very slowly like they are on the moon, but once they have the “planet” can “jet” back to their galaxy, meaning they can run. They are only allowed to capture one planet at a time. Once all “planets” have been collected the child with the most in their galaxy wins.

Fill me up

You need a lot of water balloons for this game and at least 4 players, and a bucket for each team. Put the water balloons a good distance away from where the buckets are. Groups of two have to go collect water balloons to bust in their buckets. They cannot use their hands, they must work together to pick up, carry, and bust balloons using only their bodies. Whenever all the balloons are gone the team with the most water in their bucket wins. Remember small children an drown in small amounts of water, adult supervision is a must.

Glow baby glow

Another game to play after dark, how about a game of freeze tag? Give each child a glow stick and let them run. A fun variation on this game is to allow a moving “base”, the base is a child who can run where ever they want, making it harder to reach base before being tagged.

Water balloon war

Fill each teams balloons with a different colored water, food coloring works great for this. It works best to add the drops of coloring before filling the balloons with water. Make sure kids have clothes on that could possibly be stained. The team who get the most hits in on other teams wins the game.

Frisbee fun

Set up hula hoops around the yard. Have children play a mini version of disc golf. Each hoop should have a certain amount of points awarded. At the end of the game the child with the most points win.

While playing any of these games safety should be the first priority. Also, try to keep in mind the children’s ages and abilities. You can alter the games to fit your situation, or interests. Summer is the time for getting up, getting out, and having a blast. Don’t let the heat outside keep your kids inside.