Fun activities for kids during the winter months

The best thing for a healthy active kid to do in daylight hours when there is no school is to get out and play. As long as we have not evolved into pure energy or pure mind beings, we are what our bodies say we are. And our bodies say that we are active beings that need to take in food and burn it off doing something out there in the world.  There will be time enough for junior to sit staring at a monitor when he gets a job.

Go outside 

The winter holidays would be a great time to act boldly against those who conspire to make your child a slave of the game console or just another television drone. Buy your child some bright, active toys that have to be used outdoors to be fun. Balls of any kind would be a good idea. Badminton sets, sleds, bicycles, skateboards, skates, skating and or skiing lessons should all be considered. Want to keep your kid from joining the ranks of obese American children that everyone is perpetually whining about? Get him out of the house. And don’t let him drink soda pop. There is no minimum daily requirement for refined sugar.

Nature walks

Have you ever noticed even the faintest glimmer of interest in your child when something about science or nature comes on the tube? Is he or she interested in animals or snow flakes or weird stuff like how long one of those “supermen” can stay in the cold before they have to come back inside and warm up? Exploit those interests. Take it to the streets – sort of. Find some woods you can walk into for a winter nature hike. Scan the newspapers and community bulletin boards for organized nature hikes and have a guide take your kid out to show them the beaver dams and the hibernating animals.

Have your child collect every kind of leaf that has fallen from the trees and leaves of every hue and color as well. Show them how to mount the leaves in a book. Have them trace or outline the leaves. 

If you are truly ambitious then get some plastic and some wood and have the child help you build a small greenhouse.  Let them choose and take care of some of the plants in the greenhouse.


If you are a perpetual doer of good deeds, or if you would like your child to become one, then start a collection drive for old coats or canned goods. Have you child help solicit cans and goods from the friends and neighbors. If you think it’s safe, let the child help with distributing the coats and food. It might be especially good if the shelters for women and children encouraged volunteers so that the child could learn to help children less fortunate than him.

There are plenty of ways to keep your kid usefully entertained in winter. Just use your imagination – and theirs – and get the most out of the change of season.