Free Patterns for Baby Bedding

With a baby on the way, your nesting instincts are in high gear.  A perfect project to channel your energies is making your own baby crib bedding.  Not only will it satisfy your need to create the perfect environs for your little bundle of joy, but it is also a great way to customize your baby’s room.

One of the best places to find free patterns for crib bedding is online.  Not only do many blogs feature innovative ideas, but they typically offer step by step tutorials that are great for beginners and experts alike.  These crafting mamas also can provide unique ideas for your baby room decor.

Your first stop on the world wide web should be  This website features a variety of DIY projects for the mom to be.  They also provide some great tips, like why crib bumpers are now not recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics.  Their free bedding patterns vary from fleece to upcycled sweaters which are perfect for moms on a budget.  They also offer a free newsletter full of tips and ideas for creating the ideal haven for mom and baby. features easy to print free patterns for sewing, knitting, and crocheting your baby blankets and sheets.  While the site is graphic light, the instructions are thorough and easy to understand.

Prudentbaby.comhas wonderful photos and visual tutorials on all you need to outfit your baby room in style.  This site will appeal to experienced crafters and who have some sewing know how and love to experiment with colors, fabrics, and design.  Prudentbaby also features excellent articles and how tos for items for mommies.  Its also a great place to get inspired and learn all about DIY crafting for babies. a great tutorial on a blanket gift set.  This crafter’s blog offers opportunities for mommies to chat and share experiences as well as learn some new crafting skills.  There is also some great guides for beginning sewers and mommies wanting to go eco friendly with their sewing.

Finally, a trip to is always a good place to start (or finish!).  This site requires free membership, but once you have completed the registration you will have unlimited access to patterns as well as hints, tips and tricks.