Five must have Safety Products for new Parents

Home sweet home. A mixture of joy, relief and panic over whelms the parents as they step over the threshold with the newest family member. Hardly daring to move, memorized by this small perfect tot sleeping unaware of the many dangerous.

The first purchase will be a good quality car seat for a safe journey home from the hospital. A multi use seat with a carrying handle is ideal, once out of the car the baby can sleep comfortably during the day. It can also just lift out of the car to be carried around the shops for the few weeks. Also, bearing in mind the portable chair will need to support the baby’s very pliable and soft backbone.

The new baby’s immune system is still developing; they will still be prone to all kinds of infections.

A Steam Sterilizer: will keep the milk bottles clean and sterile from all the germs that could cause infection. There are many different models on the market, so the model type will be down to personal preference.

A diaper bucket with a handle and lid. This is essential wither you are using disposal diapers of the washable cotton ones. A bucket by the changing mat is handy just to put the nappy in. It is not impossible to remove the dirty nappy and dispose safely outside which would involve leaving the baby unattended.

The use of a fragrance bags will help to eliminate any odors escaping into the air, choking anyone with 2 feet of the changing mat.
If the nappies are the reusable cotton sheets, then the bucket will need to be filled up with water and a special dissoluble sterile tablet added. The nappy can soak safely until laundry day.

A stair guard is handy at first to put against the door, to keep out the family pet. Although it important to introduce the baby to your pet, avoiding any unexpected visits is advisable.

First aid box to keep in the baby’s travel bag.

Babies are prone to take high temperatures, usually the fever will fade out within a few hours, but still worrying especially in the middle of the night.
Keep two thermometers; One for under the arm pit. The other a Rectal thermometer for a more accurate reading.

A bottle of your favorite fever reducing medicine suitable for a young child to help take the edge of the fever until you are able to contact your medical center.
A bottle grape juice to help relieve those nasty hiccups that can strike your baby at any time.

A net cover to go over the crib or pram at all times while baby is sleeping, especially when outside. The smell of baby milk on the baby will attract not just the family cat for a quick nap with the baby, but the neighbor’s moggy will sneak a quick visit too.