First Birth Cesarean Section

The reasons for the first Cesarean Section vary greatly. Most women do not plan to have this major surgery done as their first birth experience. The leading reasons for the first C-Section to be performed on an expecting mother are some sort of an emergency. Weather that emergency is from some type of an accident or from complications during pregnancy; the first C-Section is rarely the birth the expectant mother day dreams of prior to baby.

     The whole experience of the first Cesarean Section, since the first one is more often than not the result of said emergency, can be very confusing and often scary. Any number of nurses and other medical professionals can speak and instruct “Mom” on different things at any given time. Often this all happens at the same time, in a sort of massive cloudy rush. Emotions especially fear and anxiety can have extreme highs and lows during this time. A good thing to try to remember is to try to take deep, slow, steady breaths, and try to stay as calm as possible. After all, the result is the beautiful baby that needs Mom so badly.

     After the whole ordeal of unfamiliar territory of that first unplanned C-Section is over and a new baby is here, Mom is moved to recovery. Some hospitals differ a little on this issue, for whatever reason. Some hospitals put Mom in a small room with a personal nurse to care for her for a period of time that can vary depending on the individual recovery, somewhat like an ICU, just for Mom. Others simply put Mom in the room she will have for the rest of her stay at that hospital, which makes visitors a sooner probability, with extreme care from one of the floor nurses.

     As the anesthesia wears off, reality begins to set in on Mom, when she can mentally tell her legs to move, but no response from them. Then she starts to inspect herself. Parts of her mid section are swollen and most of her body has different feelings, all somewhere between numb and detached, and painful. The first several hours are the worst, since this is the time most crucial for the nurses to thoroughly examine the resulting wound. All of the poking and prodding can be quite painful.

     The hospital stay can have feeling of disappointment, from the “missing experience” that Mom felt she needed. It can also make Mom feel inadequate to care for her new baby since it is hard for her to move into different positions. The pain medications often make her very sleepy, and she might be afraid she will be asleep when she does not want to for those important first days and weeks of bonding with her new baby.

     Mom might also feel like the stay at the hospital will not end too soon, hoping that once home some new found sense of normalcy with the unknown territory of what her body feels like now might be found. She probably knows instinctively that the sooner she is moving around as well as her doctor feels is necessary, the sooner that trip home will come.  

     By the time the day comes to expect to hear the words she will be released, Mom might have also already started packing her personal things herself. Just as a sort of personal triumph, to prove to herself that she can and will take care of herself and her baby. The paper work involved in releasing her and her baby will probably seem to drag on forever, since it seems so much of it is redundant. It also sort of feels like one last obstacle to overcome before it is just her little family, by itself on the much anticipated trip home.

     Finally, the trip home, Mom has yearned for this since the feelings of crowing, and intrusion on her modesty set in. As the vehicle sets in motion, leaving behind the hospital, the nurses, the doctors, the watchful eyes, and the prodding hands, she finds out that the trip home is not as enjoyable as she had just know it would be. Every bump, every turn, every time the driver brakes and accelerates is a painful reminder to her that all is not well, yet. She has a new goal to long for, the end of the trip home.

     As the end of the trip nears, Mom is excited once again at the thought of the first comfy spot she will find as she enters her home. Her legs feel cramped up from being in this sort of sitting position for so long. As she gets out of the vehicle, she feels better since her legs are stretched out, even though she has to double over to make it in the house. She enters the house, gets her comfy spot and has the driver of the vehicle brings her the baby, diapers, wipes, pain medication, and anything else she thinks she will need. They are home at last.

     Now it is time for her to take a deep breath, relax, snuggle up with her newborn, and just enjoy being a mom. This is the feeling that she has been looking for. She is able to let her guard down and take a cat nap or watch her baby just breathe while he or she sleeps in her arms. Mom is able to realize all of the trials she has gone through because of having a C-Section have been for this small miracle she is holding in her hands. This is a brand new life that is relying on her. This is the baby she has carried inside of her. This is her baby.

     A feeling of calmness is able to come over Mom that has not been there before. This is a slow healing process, but this also is something that brought a wonderful new life into this world. Isn’t that what we long for anyway?