Finding ways to get grandchildren and grandparents together

The sweetest thing that anyone can witness is a young boy reaching up to his grandpa’s hand to walk down the dirt lane, or a young girl running with open arms to her grandma giving that much anticipated kiss! Every parent wants to see their child embrace their grandparent with love, and the security of knowing that their grandparents are there through thick and thin with them. It is important for grandchildren to form a close bond with grandparents in order that they learn to listen to authority figures other than their parents, learn to communicate to a different age demographic, and it grows strong family bonds and a diverse understanding to their parents.

One of the simplest ways to help create a stronger connection between grandchild and grandparent is to set up a scheduled time for them to get together for just each other time. Parents that work could set up a half day or full day where your little one can spend time with their grandparents. Not daycare, but have good family care time. Then you are creating a scheduled time for your little guy or gal to get in a routine of seeing their grandparent, and knowing it is time for them to have fun.

Another way to grow trust and connection is to model your trust and confidence in your parents, your child’s grandparents. Family get-togethers are important to develop your child’s confidence and connection to grandparents. These gatherings are a good way for your child to feel secure with your presence, but the freedom to explore and learn from the elderly. You can model good communication and relationship values to help your child grow closer to their grandparents through your relationship with your parents.

Communication is key to developing a young child’s connection to anyone especially grandparents. If there are miles between a young one and their grandparents making it hard to see each other on a regular basis; phone calls are crucial in your child’s connection to their grandparents. Have a scheduled time set aside just for your younger toddler to have telephone time with their grandparents. This way they can tell their grandparents everything that is happening in their life on a weekly, daily, or every so often basis. This helps to create a familiarity and communication skills for your children. So when it is time to see grandma and grandpa, there is not an awkward time of silence, but it will be like 2 buddies seeing each other after a long time.

When it comes down to it, communication, that’s all it takes. Teaching your young child to communicate by making time for grandparents to share in their grandchildren’s lives is the key. Keep those opportunities open that keep your child on a routine and they will look forward each week to sharing a little bit of themselves with their grandparents. This will create a strong bond for a lifetime.