Finding Baby Products Bargains Freebies and Samples

You just found out you are having a baby! You ponder, “How in the world can I afford everything a baby needs?” Everything you need is available for free at Resources for Women,or a center like this. Besides your friends, these centers are your lifeline.

At a resource center, you will be able to learn more about the pregnancy process, what to expect at birth, and how to handle a colicky baby. In exchange for learning, you will earn “Mommy Dollars” for purchasing furniture for the baby’s room, maternity clothes, clothes for your baby up through twelve months, formula, food, and even toys.

These centers also offer free parenting classes, budgeting workshops, and other classes for new parents. Not only is the little mommy welcomed but also the daddy, whether or not they are married. Clients come to the center usually once a week to learn and earn. They can shop in house in the “boutique.” Most of the items have been donated, but they are like new.

Thanks to churches and other interested parties, these free resource centers prepare parents for the realities of parenthood while providing them with the necessities for the newborn.
For first-time mothers, the center offers a caring staff member to guide her through her child care training program; this “client advocate” wants the best for mother and child, and she will lovingly counsel/advise the parent(s).

This service is relatively new in all areas of the country. Word of mouth is their advertising; the center provides free pregnancy tests. Once the woman decides to parent, she is able to enroll in the program. The service is also available for new mommies and their newborns. Call to enroll. The staff is mostly volunteer, so appointments need to be scheduled for the time/resources. Being a client is free; you do not have to be poor or single to use the Center.

In conclusion, newly pregnant women and even new mothers have an excellent free resource close by that can provide timely information and help as well as tangible items for mother and baby. These will be the best “freebies” you will ever find. Look for a resource center in the yellow pages. Blessings are just waiting for you and your family.