Finding Baby Products Bargains Freebies and Samples

The welcome of a brand new happy healthy baby tops the list of most joyous experiences for parents, and second on the list must be the much welcomed discoveries of bargains, freebies, and samples for the newest addition. While budgets are remodeled and travels are made into the world of unknown products, the bargains, freebies, and samples found allow new parents breathing room, and a new baby gets to benefit from these items seeming like little treasures.

Many companies and organizations are eager to win the business and trust of new customers. Companies desperately want to get products into the hands of new parents, and they are willing and able to share these products with hopes of winning new customers. Whether it’s the first or fifth child for parents makes no difference, for every new baby is an opportunity to capture great bargains, fabulous freebies, and terrific samples.

Rather than engaging in a hide and seek game on the internet by searching for these bargains, freebies, and samples, a list of ever so popular online sites, suggestions, and companies are listed below:

Hospitals and Pediatricians most always, as a rule, have great coupons, samples, and freebies available for mom, dad, and baby.

Several grocery store chains offer “savings clubs” for baby products. Check with your local store and you will be surprised at the amount of money saved by using this card. Obtaining a savings card typically means your name is often shared with other companies making babies their business. They will eagerly send coupons, samples, and other freebies your way.

Register at www.babiesonline and receive ample offers for products, coupons, and samples including formula, magazines, gifts, books and more.

Join and watch out! You’ll be hit with with an avalanche of offers, coupons, freebies, and other promotions including an opportunity to join their Gift to Grow program.

Sign up for Huggies Baby Network and get loads of goodies including activity books, coupons, tips, advice, and samples. Visit for more information.

Johnson & Johnson makes babies their business, and they’re so eager to share with new parents they’ve created a special website for just this purpose. Check out for a wealth of information, coupons, free offers, and samples.

It’s never too early to start saving for your child’s college education, and there’s free money just waiting to be deposited into an account for your child by making purchases through companies linked with this organization. Visit to sign up for free money just waiting to be designated for your baby’s education.

Feeding babies nutritious and delicious baby foods has been a trademark for this business for many years, and they have teamed up with many companies whose business is babies. Visit to sign up for special offers, coupons, and loads of free information all about the proper nutrition for your baby.

Visit for a wonderfully put together website covering every kind of special deal, freebie, bargain, and samples offered. The founder of this site really did her homework and every new parent will find her links and information invaluable.

Another great site well worth the visit is Many products, giveaways, and coupons are available including a Well Baby Kit through the American Pregnancy Association.

Everyone knows a new parent’s time is ever so valuable, and with budgets under construction, every penny counts. A new baby introduces parents to a whole new world of consumerism, and by taking advantage of the many bargains, freebies, and samples offered allows new parents an opportunity to check out the many newfound products available for their newest addition without breaking the bank.