Fighting the Winter Blues

What can we do in the winter time when all the world is white? The possibilities are many. In fact, the snow does not even have to remain white!

~ Snow Painting
Get some old mustard bottles. It helps if one has been saving them all summer and fill them with colored water. Go out in the snow and make a beautiful picture. Don’t forget to sign the work and take pictures. After all the snow will melt and the picture won’t last forever.

~ Snow Castles
In the summer on the beach sand castles are the thing. In the winter in the snow, snow castles are the thing. Get out all sorts of pans and bowls and build a giant snow castle. In fact, if winter is long build an entire snow village. Soon the neighbors will be stopping by to add a house, a store or a corral to the town. Do it right and there may even be pictures in the local news paper.

~ Build a Barricade
Most of us don’t have the skills to build an igloo and we would probably end up buried under the snow. But everyone can build a barricade. In fact, if every family member builds one and lays in a supply of snowball ammunition this can be an all day activity. Truces are called for hot chocolate breaks, hand warming breaks, bathroom breaks, and Mom needs a rest breaks.

~ Make Maple Candy
Heat up some syrup and take it outside and pour a little on the snow. When it is really cold it will harden quickly and become a little hard tack candy. It has to be really cold!

~ Go Sledding
It seems a little old fashion and not very creative. And every time one gets on a sled and goes flying down the hill it is still exciting and fun. Make sure to dress warmly and save enough energy to climb back up to the top of the hill.

~ Build a Snowman
Or even better, build a snow family and don’t forget the pets. Be sure to use some fun things to help embellish the snow family. It is alright to use Grandmas’ wig if it is alright with Grandma. Sure go ahead and use a little food coloring for make up. There is nothing wrong with ruby red lips. If there is a lot of creating going on before you know it others will be donating snow just to see what can be made.

~ Shovel It
It needs to be done anyway, so why not make it fun. Shovel the whole block and leave a plate of cookies at every door. Suddenly the neighborhood won’t seem so cold.

~ Snuggle Up
Here’s one. Snuggle up in front of a warm fire with a book and look at the snow outside the window. Just enjoy the serene view, the hot chocolate and comforting flames of the fire.