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To use or not to use Clomid?!?! Do you go that route or do you not go that route?! That is a tough decision and one only the couple at hand can make. I am not a doctor but I have personal experience. Clomid is a fertility treatment and with it come side effects. First side effect is that your ovaries act like they are on steroids. When you ovulate you know it. It hurts even months after you stop taking the medicine. Another side effect is that if you do become pregnant while on the drug you may become pregnant with multiples (which for an infertile couple could be a dream come true). Finally, when you are on Clomid your doctor has to check you every month to make sure your ovaries are not overactive. This is like having a routine check up every month. If you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time than all of these side effects seem minimal to the anguish you face each month and the stress on your relationship.

Now, as a person labeled infertile and desperate to have child after a tragic loss, I know that at some point most woman in that state would do anything to have a child. My husband and I were encouraged to try everything before my overly cautious doctor would prescribe the drug. We took and charted my temperature, had sex on demand, spent $100’s on ovulation kits. You name it, we tried it. Finally after a year of no luck and a year after we lost our son in the second trimester, my doctor reluctantly labeled me infertile and prescribed Clomid. At that point I was ready to try anything. I tried it for six months with no luck and was sent to a Fertility Specialist.

Would I recommend Clomid? If you have tried everything else than I would absolutely recommend it; however, I will warn you that to this day I am in tremendous pain when I ovulate and I have not taken the drug in over a year. Do I feel that because of Clomid I got pregnant? I feel it helped my ovaries push more eggs out. I would not recommend Clomid to a person who has just started trying. Give your body time to get used to the new stress. Clomid should be your final action before seeing a specialist and considering IVF (if necessary).