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As a young woman, she never gave much thought about starting a garden of her own
As a matter of fact, she avoided gardening altogether

As the young woman grew older her innate desire to grow a garden, or at least one spectacular blossom became paramount

With tender hands and a loving heart, she planted the seeds just right, and tended to the seedlings providing water, sunlight and love
To her disappointment, the seedlings did not grow as she’d expected

Her heart became heavy with worry as she trudged on, determined not to give up
It was on a rainy morning that to her delight, she discovered a single green chute emerging from the ground

Her heart filled with joy as she anticipated the splendor that this tiny seedling would bring her

One sad day, she went to tend to her garden as usual to find that the seedling was no longer growing
Where her seedling once lay, lay only emptiness

Her heart filled with sadness, tears stained her pillow night after night
She vowed to try again, and for months she tried to no avail

Her heart heavy with sorrow, she decided to seek the help of a professional
For her dream of starting a garden ran through her veins and into her soul

The professional warned her that the journey would be long, with many storms to weather, with many paths to try-
The professional reassured her that with the correct fertilization, treatments and love her garden would grow

The woman held on to her last scrap of hope as she adhered to the professionals’ advice strictly
She was required to tend to her garden everyday, more than a couple of times a day

Months drudged on and the woman was doing her best to weather the storms, to take care of her garden and adhere to the maintenance that was required

Her faith was shaky, her heart was heavy
but she did not give up

One sunny morning, the woman discovered that a new seedling had sprouted
It emerged from the ground, small but brilliant

With cautious elation, the woman watched the seedling progress
Days turned into weeks as she watched the chute grow taller, sprout leaves and eventually, a large bud

Weeks turned into months-
And then a miracle happened- The flower blossomed, glorious in its’ vibrant color and light scent

The woman cried tears of joy as she breathed in the scent she’d waited so long to smell
The velvety softness of the petals that she’d so long waited to touch

Her void was filled, her heart was happy
The woman persevered and succeeded, she emerged from the darkness just as the seedling did

In her happiness and fulfillment she realized that in life we must sometimes seek help to attain our dreams
and to initiate growth

The challenge lies in the journey
The happiness lies in the end result