Fertility Infertility Issues

My hubby and I have just started the process of trying to figure out what is wrong with us. We have a beautiful two year old daughter who is the joy of my life. My hubby and I both have a brother each and his brother/family lives in miami (where my hubby is originally from) and my bro doesn’t even have a girlfriend at the moment. We both want four children so we have a big family of our own with many family get togethers and lots of love. We have been trying for over a year now but to no avail. I was getting so frusterated and wondered why we can not get prego again. We had no problem having our daughter although she was not planned. One of my friends got prego about nine weeks ago, he and her hubby tried for a month and wham they get it done. Why cant that be me? Once she told me I really got depressed and for a couple of weeks felt like I couldn’t even take care of my first born. I am to the point where I don’t care anymore and so depressed that I don’t even want to try anymore ao I don’t keep getting my hopes up every month. Then my hubby and I decided to go to the dr and find out what is wrong. That created a whole new list of problems. I went to my primary care and she gave me a referral. Once the specialty clinic called me it took over a month to get an appt. Guess the hubby and I better keep working on it while we got the time right? Finally the appt came and after an extensive history report, the dr thinks that I dont ovulate regularly and wants to check that out first, but also wants to have my hubby have an evaluation. So in trying to schedule my hubbys appt the lab wont take him because he has a different insurance group than I do. I call the insurance and his new dr under the same group wont be effective until the 1st of July. Here goes another month that will go by. Once I can schedule an appt for my hubby to see his primary care to get the referral to see my fertility dr (of course) then he can go to the lab. So that in it self may take another couple of weeks. My friends that is recently prego tries to help but even she says she doesn’t know what to say or how to help since she has never been in this position before. My parents are strong christians and say well, maybe god doesnt have that in store for you. I can’t seem to find a lot of people who are going through the same thing. I would just really like someone to talk to that understands. My hubby knows how I feel but being a guy there is only so much even he can do and he tries to comfort me by saying its all how I feel in my head and my mood. It is very difficult when you want something so bad and it doesn’t happen for over a year to be in any other mood other than depressed. I am so grateful for my daughter and she does make me smile every day. I would love to give her a playmate as well. I really hope this dr can help because advanced treatments cost a lot of money and if they dont even work I really don’t want to waste money on it. My advice to anyone else with a similar issue is to keep your eye on how much you want to have another child and do things to make yourself happy. I bought sunless tanning spray. (I am chicken white and when I use some on my legs it brightens me up a little) If you love to get a manicure or pedicure try to save just a little money and go somewhere cheap that will do a good job. Try to rest and relax as much as you can. Last but not least talk with your hubby about how far you are willing to go and stick with it. Make sure you are comfortable in your decision. If you decide to try invitro or anything else then try and go for it. Don’t back down because later down the road you might regret that you really didn’t try to do everything you wanted.