Fertility Infertility Issues

There are many situations where people may want to use the service of a sperm donor. Couples with fertility issues may use this kind of service.  Lesbian couples who want to start a family may be looking for a sperm donor.  Single women who want a child may need to find a sperm donor.  It is not an uncommon search any longer.

The decision of a sperm donor is an important one and there are many considerations that need to be thought through.

Number One: Use a professional service
This is not a time to request the services of friends, family or acquaintances. All of those options leave a door open to interrupt the status of the family.  Once the baby arrives there is no need to leave a change of a sperm donor becoming involved.

A doctor can off reputable  professional services.

Number Two: Do not limit yourself to local services
Sperm can be safely shipped long distances. So check for services that have choices that important to the individual situations.  There are many considerations to make and there can never be too many options.

Number Three: Be honest about personal needs
Those using a sperm donor have more freedom to engineer some optimal choices. the ability to consider characteristics without associating them to a relationship is an interesting freedom.

There are obvious considerations like medical history, and IQ information.  For some race may be an important decision.  For example, if one is a Native American they may have beliefs and cultures that would make a decision to want a donor of Native American decent.

Parents hope for a child who will be happy and successful.  Since they have an opportunity to have extensive information they can be selective.

Number Four: Have a doctor review the finalists
Once the search has been narrowed down to three or four possibilities have the doctor review the files and make any recommendations.  The doctor may notice something  a layperson may miss.  While the final decision is the one of the recipient, experts can be very helpful.

Number Five: Tame expectations
Even with all the hopes and expectations when the child comes the goal is unconditional love.  Environment may be more important than all the work put into a sperm donor choice. Happiness does not come from a sperm donor, it comes from a loving family.  The child may not be a genius.  There may be a recessive genes that seem to appear from nowhere.  Any child is a gift to be cherished.