Fertility Infertility Issues

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center the leading cause of male infertility can be put down to having a low sperm count, poor sperm quality or a combination of the two. Other factors which can result in infertility are genetic defects, hormone imbalance or anatomical problems.

Reasons for a low sperm count

There are several biological and environmental causes for a low sperm count. Age can be a potential problem, as when men reach their late thirties they are likely to produce far less sperm than they did when they were young.

Many environmental factors which can come into play are temporary, such as emotional and physical stress which interfere with hormones. Premature ejaculation, psychological problems and impotence can be significant too.

Naturally, spermicides will interfere with attempts to get pregnant, but Vaseline and oils used as lubricants can also. Drugs can interfere with sperm count as-well, which can be reduced by up to 50%, again temporarily, when marijuana or cocaine is taken. It’s thought that the ability of sperm to penetrate an egg, and swim to it in the first place is likely to be impaired.

Overheating, which may arise due to a hot work environment, hot tub or sauna, can lead to short term infertility, as can obesity, or nutritional deficiencies which come about when men don’t have enough zinc, vitamin C, selenium, or folate.

It’s possible that being very overweight could reduce sperm count, as could cycling. A bicycle seat can be responsible for damaging nerves and blood vessels which are required in-order for men to have errection’s. Injuries to the perineum are increased by extreme cycling, such as mountain bike riding on rough terrain.

Environmental Factors which can result in sperm abnormalities

Overexposure to toxins or infections may be to blame for fertility problems. Chemicals such as those present in pesticides, hydrocarbons and PCP’s can lead to poor sperm production in men, as can exposure to heavy metals.

Genetic factors

Cystic fibrosis can result in the tubes which carry sperm being blocked or not being present, and Kartagener and Kleinfelter Syndrome, and hormonal deficiencies present at birth can lead to infertility too.

Retrograde ejaculation

Bladder wall muscle malfunction can result in sperm being forced towards the bladder region when men ejaculate, rather than forwards. Sperm quality may then be impaired severally. Retrograde ejaculation is most often caused by surgery to the prostrate or lower bladder.

Approximately 90% of male infertility is the result of a low sperm count, and abnormal sperm. Many other potential factors are temporary and conditions can often be improved.