Feel Fetal Movement

You are pregnant! Congratulations! Once you find out that you are pregnant you go through different steps. First you probably noticed that you did not have your menstrual cycle and then you took a home pregnancy test and, “Wow!” all the excitement starts flowing. Nervous and happy and scared right? You should be able to feel a kick between the 18th and 20th week. You may feel what you think are flutters before that but it is probably just gas. If this is your second child then you will probably feel the kicks earlier than that.

When I was pregnant the baby’s kicks were distinctive they were like small thumps inside my belly, normally more active at night and it was always in my lower abdomen. If you work a lot and are very active, moving around all day then you may not feel the baby kick. Constant movement and actually lull your child to sleep and then he or she is not kicking you or hitting you. Ironically enough when they talk about a ‘kick’ it could be the baby hitting you or kicking or kneeing or head butting or even using their rear end to hit against you. Sometimes when they are that small they fling their bodies all around as being active so you make feel a few kicks here and there every so often. They can even get the hiccups which make he or she jerk up and down.

Most women cannot describe the feel of a child kicking. It is a very different experience but when he or she does kick you, you will know it and you will probably cry. It is a magical moment between mother and child and it increases bonding. If you decide to read or sing to your baby then he or she may kick more as response to enjoying it. As you get farther along in your pregnancy you will feel the kicks more and more because the baby will be getting bigger and getting closer to your uterine wall and therefore that will be where he or she focus there hitting, kicking, head butting and etc towards.

When you are seven or eight months along then if the baby kicks you hard you may be able to see his or her foot on your belly. Think that was a myth? Nope, it is one hundred percent true. Also you can see the feet, hands or butt move across your belly kind of like a rippling effect. Anyway, you will feel your infant kick and you will know that it is a kick from them to you and yes it will be a magical feeling. But do not get worried if you do not feel one for a while it will come and some babies just sleep a lot in the womb so just wait you will feel every movement that your child even thinks about soon! Good luck being a mom.