Favorite Smartphone Apps for Moms

 As the technology market continues to grow, more and more people continue to transition to Android phones and choosing the right apps can be challenging. There are thousands of applications in the Android market. Some are good, while others are not. Being a mom, it is important to have right collection of Android apps.

Following are five Android applications that say “mom”:

Mom’s Planner

For the busy mom who is always on the run, a planner or organizer is a must! The PlannerS and Jorte applications have strong ratings and allows for mom to add daily tasks. With either of these apps, moms will never feel lost again and be able to keep up with their busy everyday lives.  

The Grocery List

Milk. Eggs. Cheese. These items are sure to make nearly any grocery list. With the Out of Milk Shopping List app, you will never leave your grocery list at home again. As one of the highest rated applications for shopping lists in the Android market, it is well organized into sections such as vegetables, dairy, and meat for convenience when shopping and user-friendly. This application allows you to add in your price, indicate if you have a coupon, and add your own specific notes.

Let’s Talk Money

If there is one thing moms know, it is that sometimes the family’s money has to stretch a little further than planned. With the Pocket Budget application, you can meet your budgeting needs on-the-go. This application allows you to neatly organize your expenses and puts them into an excel spreadsheet with an export feature.  

One Little, Two Little, Three Bored Children

Are the kids are bored? Are you looking for something to do? The Active Moms Mobile app provides suggestions on things that the whole family can do. Many of the activities are either free or at low cost. This app has the capabilities to tell you when, where, and what is going on around you that the kids would love. With a built in map application, once you find something your family wants to do, in the click of button, this application will have you on your way.

Great Things for Great Moms

Even supermoms need a break every once in a while. For that waiting time at the doctor’s office, remaining few minutes between finishing the daily chores and the kids getting up from naptime, or even the few minutes you spend waiting in line to checkout, Words with Friends is a fun way to enjoy that time. Join in on a game with other moms you know and play your move when you can. They’ll understand if it takes you awhile. Don’t think you’ll like Words with Friends? There are plenty of other classics such as Solitaire, Chess, UNO, and Tetris available as well.

There are many other great applications available for mom in the Android market such as Gas Buddy, Coupons, and Meal Plans – Food on the Table. One of the greatest things about this selection of apps is that beyond being useful in the everyday lives of moms, they are all free apps in the current Android market. Now that is mom-friendly.