Father to be new Fathers what to Bring to the Hospital

Some say the father is one of the biggest roles a man can play. In general, men go into fatherhood blind and unaware how they are going proceed. Fatherhood hits it a man square in the face at the hospital. Just like new cars when they leave the car lot they loses thousands in value, A man can age five years in a matter of a couple days at the hospital. A man must be prepared to be “the Man” at the hospital. Fathers to be must bring the right mind set and the right material items, so the new father can leave with his mind intact along side his wife and newly born baby.

    Father to be should bring with them a since of calmness and positive attitude. Fathers had the easy part of the pregnancy; however, the mother has been blessed by nine months grueling pain culminating with what could be days of excruciating pain in delivering the new baby. A father that brings that calm head can be very helpful, can understand his role that the star is the baby and the baby’s mama. Fathers that are wreck can add drama to an already stressful situation.

    Money can never be forgotten. Probably one of the things the father has thought about for nine months. There will be plenty of things to pay for like co-pays, food in the cafeteria, and flowers can never be forgotten. Money is always helpful.

    Men can tend to be too connected to their cell phones, but cell pones are tools that can be used for good at their appropriate time. Men should bring cell phones to send out text messages to family letting them know that the baby was born and is doing well. Also, there is a lot of time waiting, this is a time when a cell phone with games could occupy the father to be. If used properly, a cell phone is a needed tool to bring for fathers at the hospital.

    During the last month of the pregnancy, women get into the nesting mood. They usually have all their bags packed full of clothes, toiletries, and the clothes the baby will go home with. While at the hospital, men usually start smelling after 12 to 18 hours, so fathers need to bring a couple of their own changes of clothes(nice ones, no one wants to see a rag-a-muffin), tooth paste, mouth wash, and deodorant. When a father is clean, he will look presentable in the birthday photos.

    A great idea is to put the camera in the mothers bag, so it doesn’t get forgotten. Women are really big on scrap booking and remembering things. If father bring the camera or makes sure it is at the hospital, Mother is happy and future baby’s spouse is happy(they love baby photos).

    Last but not least, The car seat is very important. The mother has already picked it out, the father should know how the car seat works, and should have the base properly installed before leaving for the hospital.

    There is a lot thing to do to bring a child to life. Fathers need to understand that they are not doing must of the work the week the baby comes. The baby and the mother are working really hard for the day of birth. Fathers have a whole lifetime to mold their children’s life. If fathers do not bring the right stuff to the hospital, they can either be “the Man” or a tool.an either be “the Man” or a tool.