Father Bonding with Baby Fathers and Babies

Babies are bonded to their mother almost immediately. This is because of the shared space and time mama has carried this little one before delivery. Once baby is here, it is time for baby to bond with their father. It is essential for a baby girl/boy to know each parent differently, and create a bond with each one. It is very important that father and baby have time to bond with each other. Father’s are role models, protectors, and monetary givers in the family unit. Babies need to know love in a different, but very important way from their fathers.

Bonding comes in many ways. Fathers can help with the everyday routines when mom is busy with a household chore. Dads can take over one routine and claim it as their own. For instance, bed time story, bath time, dinner, getting dressed in the morning, etc. These activities are packed full of routine and a chance to mold young minds no matter the age. Taking an event and claiming it helps baby to bond with their father with one-on-one time.

It is important to have dad days. Fathers need to check their schedules and try to have a few dad days a month with their babies. This gives mom a break, and dads get their babies full attention and spend a full day really bonding. This will help the baby to develop the understanding that dad does not always leave. And that they are important to their fathers.

Another way to bond is to find that time to spend with mom and baby. This would be park time, dinner time, breakfast, devotionals, or family time in a reading corner. This will help to teach your baby how to bond within a family unit. It is a great example that you all love each other but no one is favored over the other. You spend it together creating relationship and connection as family.

Discipline is another way that a father bonds. Mom is the constant for most babies. However, dad is the final say in most households. Bonding is not only fun and games but with bonding comes learning boundaries. As your baby starts growing and testing boundaries it is vital for the father to lay down those boundaries to help keep baby safe and to teach baby of the hurts and no-no’s in life.

It is important for a father to bond with their baby in relationships not only one-on-one, but in larger groups. This will help the father to bond in a way that is living an example for their baby. It is important that the baby is bonded to two parents. This is essential for the growth and self-confidence a baby needs to mature into proper relationships. The father is half of the whole. A father bonding with their babies is important for the father to feel involved in the rearing of the baby; and it is important because the father is the head of the family unit in most situations. Making time to bond with your baby fathers ensures a great start in life for baby.