Fancy dress ideas for babies at Halloween.

They make many adorable Halloween costumes for baby. During Halloween, you can go to a store like Party City to peruse the different outfits. Cute baby Halloween costume ideas include the following:

Little pumpkin

Is your baby your little pumpkin? This can make an adorable costume for a little one. You can get one that is a bunting and will keep your baby nice and warm. They make some that are puffy to make your baby look like an authentic pumpkin. Sometimes they come with little hats.

Little rabbit

They make many cute fluffy rabbit costumes for babies. These come in pink for girls and blue or beige for boys. Some come with a hood that has the bunny ears. They come with a carrot-shaped rattle to complete the look.

Puppy dog

A puppy dog is a very cute Halloween costume for a little baby. These can have floppy ears and have fabric that is covered in “fur.” This is especially popular for little boys.

Little princess

Even a tiny baby can be your little princess. The Disney Store makes little Halloween costumes for princesses of different types. You can buy a little Cinderella or a little Sleeping Beauty. You can also get other Disney characters such as Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse. Your little son could dress up as Mickey Mouse.

Winnie the Pooh

If you love Winnie the Pooh, then make this the costume for your little baby. They make many of these costumes that are just one piece. You simply slip the baby into it. Many of them have padding that will keep the baby nice and warm on Halloween night as well as provide an authentically chubby look for Winnie.


They make some cute costumes that let your child dress up as a piece of food. For instance, your little baby can dress like a banana. He or she can even dress like a hot dog.


If you think of your baby as your little monkey, then this can be a great costume. They even make some that have a fake banana on the head.

There are many other animals that you can dress your little baby as for Halloween. For instance, you can dress him or her as a lamb or cow. One popular one for little girls is to dress as a kitty.

Look around at the wide selection of Halloween costumes available. Make sure you get one that is appropriate for the weather in your area.