One of the worst things we as parents do, and some parents do not realize that they are doing this, is to push our children too far too fast. We sometimes forgot that each and every child is different and develops at a different rate. We have to remember that your neighbor’s son is about 2 months older than your child and for some children 2 weeks can make a difference between two children. We do not need to compare Junior to Little Mary at the day care center, because she has always been a little quicker than the other children, including Junior.

So, what we must first do is to determine where our child is in his developmental stages. Is he ready for potty training? Sometimes if we push the child too early, it will cause the child to learn potty training late. Is Junior showing signs of wanting to learn potty training and showing the skills of being able to let you know when he needs to go? These are two very importance factors of potty training. These two signs kind of work hand in hand.

If Junior is starting to develop some of his words clear enough to let you know difference things, this might be a good time to being his potty training. Is Junior saying words because he is learning his voice or is he at the stage where he know the meaning of some of his words? One sign is that Junior might have learnt to say dog. Did he say dog every time he sees a dog or is he naming everything dog? If he is naming everything dog, then you will need to work with him on his recognition. After he starts to develop recognition, teach him potty. Allow him to sometime go to the bathroom with other family member and have them to show and ask him about potty.

Remember that even geniuses make mistakes and Junior will make plenty until he develop his skills. There will be times when he will tell you potty, sometimes it will be just to test you (to make sure you are really on call). Sometimes he will tell you potty, while in the act of potty. This is all part of his learning process. After a while, Junior will start to ask to potty on his on, but in the mean time you will need plenty of training pants, patience and time.

While training Junior, you must learn to praise him when ever he goes potty. If there are times when he makes mistakes, show slight a sign of disappointment, but remember you do not want to discourage him. You do not want Junior to think that it might be better if he did not try, because he is making you sad. Remember that Junior is still learning and he might pick up the wrong signals in your show of disappointment.

So the best thing to do is to watch Junior with your heart, take note of the signs he shows you. Do not rush him into potty training base on other child.