Family Responsibility Story – Yes

Children should take the responsibility to care for their elderly parents as should parents take care of their children.

You reap what you sow, but sometimes in modern times you don’t even reap anything! Parents are supposed to take care of their children, feed them, provide housing, care for them, educate them and make them responsible individuals. However, with the growing materialism, parents have also started ignoring their kids. Parents need to shoulder more responisiblity not only in terms of providing for their children but also in terms of devoting their time daily to their kids. Unless you spend time with your kids, you can’t create a bond with them. Ever wondered why your kids when they grow up, form strong bonds with their friends? Bonding is essential as this is what binds your children to you. Unless you give, you can’t expect to receive from your kids. One must think why am I talking about a parents responsibility when we are debating about Children’s role when their parents are old. Simple, you reap what you sow.

If you have been good parents, then there is nothing wrong in having an expectation from your kids that they will take care of you. However, just keep it to expectation. Sometimes children become so involved in their lives that they no longer want you to be a part of it. From a judgement perspective, my opinion would be this is very selfish behaviour, but then we are what we are. If you try to impose yourself on your kids it won’t help the cause the either.

Today’s children should also think in terms of setting an example for their kids. Kids learn what they see and they act accordingly. This reminds me of an old story. A boy had nice parents who took proper care of him and made him into a responsible citizen when he grew up. The parents grew old and the boy got married and had a son of his own. The parents retired from work and thought it will be a good idea to move in with their son so that they can spend more time with them. The son was not excited on seeing his old parents moving in with them. He was busy in his own personal life and thought that his parents moving in was troublesome. He started mistreating them. One day it was very cold and his parents asked for a comforter to keep warm. The son very rudely told them that he didn’t have two comforters, so he can give only one comforter. He in turn asked his own son to bring the spare compfroter for his parents. The grandson was observing all this and in his childless innocence, he told his father to retain the comforter so he can also give the same comforter to his them when they grew old.

It is the moral responsibility within a family to take care of each other.