Family Bonding

Unity within a family helps create a safe, comforting environment for everyone. Today, families come in all shapes and sizes, and unity helps bring those people together and build trusting, healthy relationships for life. It doesn’t matter who is in the family, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins,  etc. or a combination of all, unity is the most important value that a family should have. Without a sense of unity, those bonds will fall apart and alienate family members. Families are the basis on which people create relationships with the rest of the outside world. Without coming from a strong family unit, it can be difficult for children to create trusting relationships with others.

In modern society, one of the biggest factors that prevent unity in families are mobile devices, computers, and gaming systems. It seems that everyone has their own separate form of entertainment, and this divides a household. If each individual is consuming himself with a separate device, then there is no commonality among family members to socialize about. However, there are ways to overcome this issue, without taking away these devices.

Family dinners seem to be vanishing from many households. This can be a problem, because the dinner table was where family members discussed the day’s events and communicated with each other. Making the dinner table a phone and gaming system free zone will help bring back the conversation.

The dinner table (after dinner, of course) is a great place to establish a game night. Board games are fun, interactive, and a great bonding experience for all family members. Game nights can also include video games, such as an XBox or Wii, considering there are many games available for families. In fact, Hasbro has an all in one video game called, Family Game Night, which includes favorites such as, Scrabble, Connect4, bob it!, Sliders, and Yahtzee! Playing games together is a great way to build family unity.

Open communication is the heart of a united household. The most important way to keep a family united is to keep every line of communication open. Talk to your teen, text your teen, do whatever it takes to maintain that relationship, because it is doubtful that your teen will. Children love to talk to their parents when they are young, and taking advantage of that is important. Don’t dismiss a child’s random chit chat because they thrive on their elder’s attention. Young children need older siblings, parents, etc. to take them seriously and be interested in what they have to say. Once they begin to go through puberty and that form of communication has already been established, it will be easier to get them to open up during rough times.

A family is a place where a person should feel safe and protected, and free to be himself. The stronger the bond between family members, the safer everyone will feel. It is just as important for older family members to be themselves, as the younger ones. Unity is seeing everyone for who they are, and loving them for it.