Family 2008 the Changing Role of the Mother

The Changing Role of a Mother

As times change, mothers change to meet the new roles that they are expected to play. Gone are the days where most mothers just cared for the family and the home. Mothers today are a lot of things to a lot of people. Mothers still have to fill the mother role, but it is not felt that they are the only ones responsible for rearing the family.

Mothers have always been ultimately responsible and expected to be the decision makers about child rearing, and matters pertaining to the house, in most cases. This is a role that is evolve with fathers accepting some of those responsibilities today. The reason I use most cases is because there are always exceptions to the rules, as there are with most things in life. There are some things that will never change and that is mom is still mom.

The changing role of mother today includes career issues, responsibility for total home care, education of children, healthy life styles for family, and there is more focus on mother as a person with needs of her own. This holds true more in the pacific northwest than in the southern states that I have lived in. It also holds true for people living in larger cities than in small home towns. My mother would disagree with this assessment and I would disagree with her, that was unheard of in the past. You didn’t disagree with mom on issues of life styles and how to care for the home. The problem with the role of mothers then and the role they now have, is the need to feel that they had to be all things to all people. Today mothers are not afraid to say what is on their mind and someone think they are not a good wife or mother.

Mothers are more career oriented. They know what they want to do with their lives and worked toward that goal, even with family. All family members are expected to do their part, including dads, in helping to make things work at home. The majority of today’s mothers are expected to help with the financial aspect of family life and are out in the work force. For a lot of baby boomers, mothers worked, but it was not so much as a career choice as it was just to make ends meet financially. At that time tired mothers came home and where still expected to attend children’s school functions, keep the house clean, cook meals and take care of any injuries or sick family members. Today mothers are taking more time for their self in a lot of different ways. Mothers are learning the importance of caring for self as well as others.

The changing role of mothers should not be seen as a bad change, but one that promotes healthy happier life styles for all family members. Mothers will always fill the role of mother, no matter how many changes in life occur. Families today are just realizing the importance of all the roles mothers have played in the past and how her role is changing for the better.