Family 2008 the Changing Role of the Father

The role of the father has undergone troublesome change in recent years in the United States. The family unit has become fractured because of these changes. Men fathered children, were head of the household and bread winner at one time. Our changing society has reversed much of that, bringing big changes to the family unit. There is no father even considered a resident in many homes today.

Every religion commands the father to guide and to bring up his children correctly. My father didn’t go to church or read God’s word but he believed that if you spare the rod you spoiled the child. He kept a razor strop hanging on a hook by the kitchen sink in full view of everyone, and it wasn’t just for sharpening his razor. He used that old spanking device quite often. You might say the punishment didn’t always fit the crime. According to Dr. Spock’s theory I should have grown up to be a violent person but I didn’t. Fathers today communicate more with their children instead of using the rod to correct the child. That is by far the best policy if it is started at a young age and it is talking instead of yelling. 

Fathers who bring up their children in a church environment usually give their children a better chance at being good citizens. The church is really an extended family and where there is more love shown the results are usually very positive. I think my Dad viewed religion like Woody Guthrie who said “when you go to church they sing Stand Up for Jesus and when you go to the ball game they say, for Christ sake, sit down.” My dad didn’t take us to church or send us to church with anyone else. We should be thankful for aunts and grandmothers who steer children in the direction of a church.

The Wright brother’s Father had a special family sharing time before the evening meal. When they sat down at the table together, he asked everyone in the family to share something that they learned that day. Sharing meals together with a prayer or without a prayer was the super glue that held the American family together in the past. Fathers dropped the ball big time when they let everyone in the family eat what they felt like in front of the television or computer game, instead of at the table.

The modern day father in the U S has had to learn to share in doing many things in the home as the mothers take on jobs to help pay for things in our need to have society. There are no fathers in far too many homes today and our country is paying a terrible price for it. Many families today have become a group of individuals camped under the same roof, each doing his own thing, and not really communicating with or knowing each other.

The very high medical costs today cause some fathers to not make wedding vows with the women they love and who are having their babies. That is a very poor way for a young family to get started. Not getting married has to be a very hard decision for a couple to make and then having to live with. A health care system that is affordable for every citizen could put some strength back in many aspects of our society, especially the family unit.

The role of the father has changed for the worse and society will have to change for the better if we ever expect to see the role of the father improve.