Family 2008 the Changing Role of the Daughter

Has a daughter’s role in the family changed from what it was in the past? Of course it has. A daughter’s role in the past was to be pleasantly sweet while they learned to cook and clean efficiently. If they were lucky, and raised with good upbringing, the daughters of the past would meet a rich man who’d pay someone else to do those things for them, so every daughter had, at least, the possibility to become a Princess if they played their role well.

Historically, a daughters role in the family would be, sweet and nice, like sugar and spice at all times, making everything nice. Still, for me when I became a teen, my role in the family changed drastically. Instead of being sweet and kind at all times, I appeared insane to my family. I suppose that by my teens, my role became, “The Black Sheep.”

Of course, I was only insane in a normal teenage way, but my role changed none the less because of it. A daughter’s role changes all the time. It evolves over time into unique and different role playing scenes.

Once my teen years were done, my role changed to another one, where I’d be the mother of all mothers, and a better mother than I believed my mother had been to me. It was during that time in my life when my role as the daughter became one that would be in competition with my mom. In other words, my role became, “The know it all,” of the family.

When time went by, I began to realize that my mother was wise after all, so my role as her daughter became, “The favorite daughter of my mom.” I played the role as best I could, but now and then my role switched back to the black sheep, and my sister became the favorite daughter again.

This switching roles thing went on for a while, until I began to have issues with my daughter too, and realized why my mom had issues with the daughter I’d be sometimes too. So, my role with mom became more sisterly, it seems. As sisters do, we stuck together like glue to defend each other from, “the black sheep daughter.” Of course, by then, that would be my sister again.

Even though a daughter’s role can be confused by time and changes in society, sooner or later, all daughters come to the time in life when their role becomes one of parenting their parents. We use the skills we learned from them to take care of them when they enter the winter of life, which brings me to the last role in a daughter’s life.

Once our parents are gone, we are no longer the daughter of any living human being, and for me, I felt like my role changed to an orphan. We are never ready to stop playing the role of daughter, so we cling to our daughters for comfort.

What I found was a daughter more self assured than the daughter I used to be. She seemed to take on her role, when it came to me, so easily. At the same time she took on all her other roles so efficiently that it left me in awe of the daughter she became to me. She listened to my wisdom and advised me too. It seemed that she always knew what to do to make me feel accomplished in my life, just by being the daughter she was to me, in 2008, of all times. She was there, she cared and she took care of me like I did for my parents.

So, today in 2008, I can honestly say that yes, the daughters of today have changing roles throughout life, just the same as mine. Even so, their roles seem to be stronger than mine used to be. My daughter doesn’t need to be pleasing and sweet all the time. She’s wise enough to know that some souls will never be pleased, so she doesn’t waste her time on those souls. She is intensely more self assured, as a daughter, woman and wife, than I ever was in my entire life.

The only thing which remains the same when I compare the role I played to hers, is the way we loved, respected and honored our parents. Because of this, I believe that a daughter’s role will remain the same as it was in the past, “a blessing.”