Family 2008 the Changing Role of the Daughter

Most people believe that in centuries past a daughter was expected to be demure, fragile, and subservient. In many cases where the family was rich and pampered that was exactly what daughters were.

But the rich do not make up the majority of the population, ever. You look at what was expected of a daughter whose family was average, not rich not poor and you see the true nature of what daughters were.

A daughter was expected to be at her mothers side. She was to learn from her mother, like her mother before her. Learn to run a household, fix meals, care for children, and care for the men in the household. She was smart she was resourceful, and she was strong. When neighbors, or family members were sick, she was there nurturing and braving through the worst to see them back to health.

Today daughters have different expectations, and different dreams. No longer are we tending house, cooking meals, or darning socks as it were. No today we are proving to one and all that daughters just as if not better than sons. We no longer have to worry about losing our maiden names the one our fathers gave us, as the all popular hyphen came into play.

Sometimes I think that maybe the role of the daughter, mother, wife, and sister have lost it’s focus.

Daughters are taking over their fathers businesses, they are educating themselves, and ironically many are turning back to the older generations before them. More and more, everyday woman are putting down the briefcase and gathering her family close. I often wonder if daughters and woman in general are actually saying to themselves, “Now that I have proved that I can be just as invaluable as a son, I can turn back to what I really want, deep inside.”

Stay at home mothers, who were once daughters are growing in numbers, and many of those daughters that work wished to be home with their families.

Once upon a time daughters were a unappreciated and somewhat overworked attachment to the family, apart from marrying well and caring for the family her worth was humble. Today I believe that the daughters worth, regardless of what she chooses to pursue in life is more cherished and beloved by the families she belongs to today than she was in years past.

Daughters have changed, but I believe the integral part of them remains whole, and most definitely untarnished.

Their strength in the face of opposition. Bravo ladies.