Factors that Affect Motivation in Children

Does it seem like some children are much more motivated than others?  This is true in many different areas from school to sports to just life in general.  There are many factors that play a part in this, and each child combines these factors in order to form his or her own motivation.  The following are some of the issues at play.


To some extent a child’s motivation is going to be inherent.  Some children are just highly motivated individuals, and they will strive to achieve.  They may want to do well in school and may get good grades without you needing to say or do anything.  On the other hand, there are other children who seem to struggle to find the motivation to do even the smallest thing.  They may need to be reminded to do every chore and assignment. 

Parents’ behavior

There are a variety of ways in which a parents’ behavior can affect the motivation of the student.  First, the motivation the parents themselves display may teach the children how to behave.  If the parents are always motivated to do things and are real ‘go-getters’ then the children may learn that this is the right way to behave.  If the parents seem to drag their feet at doing everything and show that procrastination is the way to go, then many of the children will also follow suit.

What the parents say and how they act will also influence the kids’ motivation.  If they always talk about how it is important to do things and encourage their children to be motivated in healthy ways, then the children may display more of this.  If they are too hard on their kids, then the children might rebel and even be less motivated.  Also, if the parents do every little thing for the children, then the kids might have difficulty learning to be independent and motivated to do things on their own.

Good rewards for motivation

Children might be more motivated when they are rewarded for showing such behavior.  If they do well in school and everyone gushes over their accomplishments and they get awards and good grades, then they might be more likely to continue to show this motivation, for instance.    

With the knowledge of what might be affecting your child or student’s motivation you might be able to influence it for the better.  The above factors are some you might want to consider.