Facing the Challenges of Breastfeeding

With the power to promote brain development, stave off infection and nourish your baby, breastfeeding is the best way to provide sustenance for your child, according to La Leche League. However, it can also be a challenging activity, and many mothers become frustrated with the process. Fortunately, even mothers who initially have difficulty can find success in breastfeeding with help. There are many resources available to women struggling with breastfeeding.

Hospital Resources

New mothers struggling with breastfeeding should ask for help from the very beginning. Many hospitals offer nurses and lactation consultants who can help with breastfeeding. In a lot of these cases, it is simply an issue of the mother not understanding the best latch or hold for her baby. In other cases, there are different techniques that can ease the process. By practicing these techniques, a mother might be able to turn the entire situation around. You should ask the caregivers at your particular hospital about what resources are available to you.

Breastfeeding support group

You are not the only mother in the world who has difficulty with breastfeeding. Many mothers face trouble. A breastfeeding support group can help you face these challenges. Groups are offered in many places by different organizations. Hospitals typically offer them. There are many different chapters of La Leche League, which are led by women who have successfully breastfed children. Your hospital may have the contact information for local groups.

Lactation consultant

A lactation consultant specializes in helping women with breastfeeding. She can look at your latch and tell you if you are doing anything wrong. She may also be able to suggest products that can help you such as a good nursing pillow like “My Breast Friend.” She can evaluate how much milk the baby is getting by weighing him or her before and after nursing and suggest strategies. She can also help you increase your milk supply, if that is an issue. The hospital or a pediatrician may be able to give a good recommendation.


There are many books available that help women with breastfeeding. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by Diane Wiessinger, Diana West and Teresa Pitman is a popular one. These deal with problems women commonly face. You will find many different options in bookstores and online.

You do not have to face the challenges of breastfeeding alone. In addition to the help from the sources above, you may be able to tap help from family members and friends who have successfully breastfed in the past. With hard work, you can get past your breastfeeding challenges.