Exercise Tips for Pregnant Women

Exercising while pregnant may seem like a dawning task but, the benefits of regular, light activities for 30 minutes a day, almost every day of the week has proven beneficial for mother and baby. It can reduce the many discomforts of pregnancy such as constipation and low back aches. It also may help prevent gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. It is the beginning steps for preparation of childbirth and bouncing back after delivery. Although exercising daily while pregnant may seem impossible, here are several tips to help keep you motivated and active throughout your nine month long journey until delivery. 

Finding the extra 30 minutes a day may be what is keeping you at bay from getting the recommended amount of daily exercise. Rest assured it is possible without setting aside that time. Walking is one of the best activities you can do as a pregnant woman. It is a low impact exercise that meets your target and will most likely be one of the least likely to damage any ligaments in your knees and ankles. Walk up the stairs to get to your office or break room and skip the elevator. Drive past the mail box on the way home and walk up the drive way to retrieve it. Take your 15 minute break to eat a healthy snack and walk outside. Not only will the snack give you a boost but, the fresh air will relieve some of the pressure from that stuffy office or work area you have been in for four hours.

Swimming is among the top rated exercises for pregnant women. You will have to set aside the time do it but, it is safe and surely will relieve some of the stress in your body. It works large muscles in the body such as the legs and arms and provides a good cardiovascular routine. Even if this is not your daily activity, you will enjoy a once a week, 30 minute session of the weightless feeling you have been missing. 

Get Cleaning. Towards the middle-end of your pregnancy you will likely hit your nesting stage. Take advantage of this need to rid your home of unsafe or unclean things to protect your unborn child by counting your cleaning as bonus exercise points. It may seem odd but, vacuuming, sweeping, washing the windows, and all the other many chores you will find yourself doing around the house are all exercise. No need to set aside extra time because you will already be doing the tasks.

The benefits of exercise are obvious but, sometimes getting into the habit of doing it daily can be difficult. Take these tips to skip some of luxuries of mechanics and a few times a week of set aside time to do 30 minutes of light to moderate activities. You not only will reap the benefits of doing such activities but will not be overwhelmed by the need to set aside your time to do something you may not always want to do.