Essential Travel Accessories for Children

There is nothing like going on a great adventure with a child or children. It could be going on a flight to another city or country, taking a ride on a train, or simply piling into the car for a day trip. It can be a very memorable experience, especially if a few items for the children have been forgotten.

Something to drink.

Whilst most parents tell children to get a drink, and to go to the toilet before leaving, however, this is not always done. It is always a good idea to pack a bottle or two of water, for drinks on the move.

There are three advantages to using water. It is a much healthier option than soft drinks or cordial, it will not stain clothes or car seats if spilt, and water will not make your child sick by reacting to other food or drink that has been consumed recently.

Something to eat.

Children will always get hungry on a trip. For some, it is something to do other than staring out the window. Rather than packing crisps and lollies (which could upset sensitive stomachs), take a ready supply of dry and sweet biscuits.

 Although these are messier than most alternatives, they are less likely to make anyone sick, and any crumbs can be easily vacuumed up at the end of the trip. Also, any crumbs that are missed will not have everyone searching for that elusive sour smell weeks after the trip is over.

Rubbish bags.

There is always a mess with travelling. The advantage of taking a couple of rubbish bags is that no-one will have to either search for a bin on a plane or train, nor resort to using the foot-well of the car as a dumping point.

Rubbish can be easily stored in a bag, and disposed of at the journey’s end.

Also, if there is a child that suffers from travel sickness, the rubbish bag will replace the bucket, should the child actually vomit. The bag can be packed into any space, is easily tied off and disposed of.

Change of clothes.

Every child should have a complete change of clothes packed, in case of accidents. For babies, it is advisable to pack extra blankets, diapers and clothing as well.

Entertainment items.

Some kids are content to sit and watch the scenery go by, others will happily read a book for hours. Unfortunately, not all children are like this.

Before starting the trip, it is a good idea to pack some things to keep the kids amused. Hand-held electronic games, colouring books and pencils (markers and crayon are difficult to remove from fabrics), or travel games like Mini Connect 4 or Battleships.

Miscellaneous items.

Although not entirely necessary, the items listed below are good to have on hand.

A towel for mopping up spills, a warm jacket for each child (the weather can change rapidly from sunny to storms), a fully stacked first aid kit (complete with bandages, slings, sting cream and eye wash solution), and some wet wipes for cleaning dirty hands and faces.

Travelling with children can be a lot of fun and a great way to teach them about things that are not in their own back yard. Taking trips together is also a great way to spend quality time with every member of the family that will be cherished and remembered for years to come.