Essential Items to Pack when you are going to the Hospital to Deliver your Baby

You are going to have a baby. Are you ready?The nursery is painted, the crib is together and you have tons of baby things just waiting for your little bundle of joy. There seems to be something that you’ve overlooked. Did you pack your bag? What should you put in it? 

Do you know what you need to take with you? You have gone over it time and time again and you still aren’t sure. You’ve read all of the recommended books and packed your bag twenty or more times while growing increasingly inpatient with the whole idea of maternity leave and taking it easy. You seem to have forgotten that the idea of being in the hospital after the baby is born is so you can get some rest before you begin those endless yet rewarding days of being a mother.

There are several ideas about what essential items to pack when going to the hospital to deliver your baby. Start with the basics. You are going to need a car seat that is properly installed in your car before you leave the hospital. It is better to do it in advance and help with the installation can usually be found at a local fire department. Call and find out if this is available in your area.

You will want to take a hair brush so someone can brush your hair for you afterwards. Your toothbrush is a must since you want to be as comfortable as possible. You may want your own toothpaste as well. Pack your own deodorant because hospital deodorant doesn’t work. Then there is the matter of shampoo, conditioner and soap; some hospitals will provide you with some but they are normally tiny travel containers that don’t hold very much at all.

Make sure to pack some comfortable clothes for you to wear home. You may also want to bring a couple pairs of loose comfortable clothing if you don’t want to wear the hospital gown the entire stay. A pair of comfortable non slip bedroom slippers to walk around in and some socks because the rooms are cold.

When it comes to comfortable clothes the idea would be a pair of your favorite old sweat pants that were too big to begin with. While you may want to leave looking like one of the new mother’s out of an old fifties television show you should remember that dressy isn’t always comfortable.

Bring clothes for your baby to wear home. An outfit or two for them to wear in the hospital for all the pictures you are going to take. Speaking of picture did you remember the camera, extra film and batteries? If it’s a digital camera did you pack an extra memory card and make sure the batteries and back up batteries are fully charged? You’ll want those precious memories to look back on so the camera is a vital part of the packing experience.

Take plenty of snacks for you and your spouse. Daddy is going to be hungry and so are you. Take a couple bottles of water or other drinks for him. Rooms in the maternity ward come with small refrigerators now but you might need a small insulated cooler to hold the over flow of drinks. A few condiments packages will help to ensure you have them in the event you can’t get down to the cafeteria.

Take books to help pass the time. One for each of you and you may want the most recent T.V. Guide as well. There are televisions and VCRs in the rooms now so a couple of movies just in case you can’t find anything to watch will be good to pack as well.

The list of phone numbers of who you want to call when the baby is born. Make sure to pack a blanket for dad since you expect to make him stay overnight with you. You may want to make sure you pack any medication your husband is taking just in case he will staying for an extended period of time and can not do without his medication.

Then look around and pack anything else you can think of that you can not do without for very long. I would advise leaving all jewelry at home. These are just a few things you will need for you hospital stay.