Entertaining baby with household items

There are various flashy toys on the market for infants; however, a baby is more than content to play with the packaging that the toy came in. It isn’t necessary to buy expensive, noisy toys to keep baby entertained, as there are lots of items in the home that can keep baby amused. The home is filled with items that will capture an infant’s attention and keep them entertained for hours on end, as there are so many different objects for them to explore. Infants learn a lot from their surroundings. Everyday household items are educational and they will fascinate a baby.

Ideas and games to entertain baby with items that can be found in the home:

Fun in the kitchen

There are many items in the kitchen that will fascinate and intrigue baby. Plastic cups are great for banging together, and they are also great for stacking inside each other. Wooden spoons, bowls and whisks are also fun objects to play with, and they will intrigue little ones for hours. As they get older, other kitchen items can be used to create music. Upturned pots and pans captivate children of all ages, as they can be used as drums. Provide different kitchen utensils to bang on the pans to create different sounds.

Make a music shaker

All that is required is a clean, empty, plastic bottle. The bottle can be filled with dry pasta or rice which will make a nice sound as baby shakes it. Fill a plastic bottle with other items to create an interesting shaker toy. Try filling it with items such as glitter, colored sand or even water for a sensory delight. Baby will be fascinated by the sounds created as the bottle is tipped or shaken while she watches the colors dance in the light. Just make sure the top is fastened on tight. Use a non-toxic glue to seal the lid, or use a mouthwash bottle which has a safety cap; just make sure it is thoroughly washed out with warm, soapy water and rinsed well, as it will be sucked and chewed on.

Sock puppets

Old socks can be turned into hand puppets. All you need to do is create a face. Use beads or buttons for eyes and wool for hair. You can design the sock in many different ways to create different puppets. This is a toy that can be used to entertain baby, as the sock puppet can be used to talk to baby or even play peek-a-boo. This is a simple idea that is fun for all involved.

Feely box

To make a feely box, all that is required is a box that has a small opening similar to a tissue box. A shoe box is an ideal size; just make a small opening in the lid. Fill it will different materials such as a piece of tin foil, some greaseproof paper, corrugated card, fine sandpaper, cotton wool, and swaths of fabrics such as felt, silk, cotton and denim. This allows baby to experience different textures as she feels around inside the box. Baby will love pulling out different items to explore. Change the contents from time to time to let her explore different textures and colors. As she gets older, create themed feely boxes, such as a seasonal feely box, which can be filled with items that are associated with the current season.

Fun with clothes

It is amazing how items such as hats and socks can be fascinating to an infant. Collect an assortment of hats and place them in a pile next to baby. These will be chewed, shaken and thrown, so don’t take out your best hats. As she gets older, she will have fun trying them on. When you have a clean pile of fresh laundry, scatter it on the floor heaped up, and let baby roll in it, crawl over it and move it around the floor. This is great for giving a bumpy area for her to crawl over. Alternatively, use blankets to create a maze for her to crawl through.

Laundry basket

A simple laundry basket is perhaps the best toy, as this can be used to climb in and it can become a boat, ship, car or whatever you child’s imagination wants it to be. Children love to be pulled along the floor in a laundry basket. A clean washing up bowl works equally as well.

There are so many different items around the house that can be used to entertain baby. They will be fascinated with any of the ideas above, as these are new ideas to a baby. Just look around the home for more inspiration and see what other ideas you can come up with. Most food packaging can be used to create toys for infants. Simple ideas are often the best, as they captivate an infant and they help them to develop and grow. Remember never to leave a baby unattended with any of these items; adult supervision is always necessary.