Entertaining a toddler on a budget

Parents want the best for their children. This starts shortly after you find out you are pregnant. You want your baby to have the greatest crib, swing, clothes and all that you can afford. It doesn’t end just because the outfits stop being so darned cute. This doesn’t end as your child gets into everything and changes the way your house runs. You still want your child to have a lot of great toys. You want them to be entertained, both for your sanity and their own. However, the latest and greatest toys are expensive. That is when you have to turn to ways to entertain your toddler on a budget.

Budget ideas for fun:

Toy shopping

Toys are expensive. However, kids have a short attention span and aren’t picky. You can get inexpensive toys that are a lot of fun. A block set is hours of fun (not usually on the same day) and it is only around ten dollars for the whole set. Stick with toys that are more affordable and only buy new ones on rare or special occasions. Also look for toys on sale. After Christmas is a great time to buy new toys.

Second hand stores are a great place to get new toys. Bring a box of batteries so you can try out things that look cool. You might get a $15 or $20 toy that works fine for $1. Don’t shy away if it looks dirty. Toys can be cleaned fairly easily and you can save a lot of money this way.

Garage sales are another great location to find toys for less. People get rid of their kids great old toys because they have outgrown them. Your kid just might be the perfect age for that toy.


Books are a great pass-time. Most toddlers enjoy being read to and enjoy looking at the pictures in books. You can get these second-hand for under $1 wherever you go. This is a great opportunity to get something your kid can enjoy for a long time.

Art Supplies

Even at a young age kids are learning about the world around them. Toddlers love to color and it is a safe thing for them to do once they have left the “put everything in my mouth” stage. Color crayons and scrap paper can entertain for a time and it is very inexpensive. Use paper that you don’t need any more. They won’t care if it has already been written on. Crayons can be purchased for a dollar or two depending on your preferences.

Kitchen Tools

No matter what it comes down to, kids love pots and pans to bang on, bowls to fill with toys, and measuring cups. The kitchen is full of things that can be toys for today and be back in the kitchen tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to get these things out and let your kids play with them.

The tub

The tub is a wonderful world. It can be a great playground. Fill it with warm water, add a little baby soap for some suds and add toys. You don’t have to buy bath toys either. You can pick out ones from your collection. Just look for ones that are solid and won’t let water in. Your toddler will love playing with these in the tub. Always keep your child safe around water.


Cardboard boxes can be as fun as the object you bought that came inside it. They can be used to put items in and out of, they can be used to crawl in and out of, and even used in imaginative play. It only depends on the boxes size, and your child’s imagination.

Using your own imagination can help teach your toddler to use theirs. You can pretend with your child and help them to see great things. Entertaining your toddler doesn’t have to be an expensive thing to do. There are lots of ways to entertain your toddler on a budget, it just takes a little work and a little imagination.