Enrichment Activities for Gifted Toddlers

Your toddler may already be showing signs of being gifted, whether it’s by learning his or her letters early, speaking excellently for his age or drawing amazing pictures. There are various strategies that can help develop these talents.

Work with him or her on the particular talent. For instance, if your toddler has already learned all of his or her letters, then you can continue to work on the sounds that the letters make. You can purchase fun games for the two of you that involves letters. You will also find many computer games made for toddlers that work on math, letters, reading and the different areas in which he or she may be talented.

Give your child the tools to develop his or her talent. If you have a budding artist, then buy him or her paints. Give him or her the time to do it. You will find many craft supplies, games and computer software aimed at developing all different types of talents. You will also find many activity books such as Brainquest that allow toddlers to practice academic skills.

Take your child places where he or she can be exposed to the talent. If your gifted toddler loves to paint, then you might want to take him or her to a children’s art museum like the Young at Art Children’s Museum in Florida. There, he or she can see art and practice himself or herself. You can also sign your child up for enrichment classes. These are offered by a wide variety of places from schools to museums to communities. Make sure that you find something that is age-appropriate and geared towards his or her talents.

There is one big “don’t” when helping your gifted toddler develop his or her talents. It is vital not to push your child too far. If you do this, you can make your child miserable and actually make him or her less likely to want to develop his or her talent. For instance, if you have a toddler who does amazing drawings for his or her age, and you send him or her to an hour of art lessons that he or she does not want, then you are probably not helping. If he or she screams and kicks every time he or she has to go, then he or she might just learn to hate art. Be careful about how much you pressure the child. You want to help him or her develop the talent without pressuring so much that it damages him or your relationship.

With the right strategies you can help your gifted toddler develop his or her talent. Look to the above strategies to accomplish this goal.