Enforcing a Curfew is Safety Measure for a Teen – Yes

Teens may appear to be on the threshold of adulthood. Yet, the world can be a dangerous place for an inexperienced teen, and even some young adults out  late at night. A responsible parent should give their teen a curfew to instill responsible behavior, and assure that they are not out too late.  A curfew might prevent some teens from hanging out with peers that may be getting into trouble. A curfew might also prevent the ramifications of peer pressure. Yes, a reasonable curfew should be enforced by parents for the safety and well being of their teen.

Teens without curfews are susceptible to drinking alcoholic beverages and driving, truancy from school,petty theft in shopping malls,promiscuous behavior and a host of delinquent behaviors. The darkness of night may camouflage vandalism and tagging on walls in the neighborhood. A teen, might be a victim of kidnapping or subject to solicitation for prostitution. These are just some of dangers of being out past curfew. 

Curfew laws should also be enacted during day light hours also to assure teens are in school where they belong, instead of joy riding or looking for trouble to get into. Truancy would be curtailed, if more teens were picked up by truant officers instead of wandering the shopping malls or streets during school hours.

Many cities have laws and curfews to keep minors or teens under sixteen out of shopping malls and off the streets at night without parental supervision. These curfews or laws are enforced as a way to prevent illegal activities or distractions. During a curfew, a minor or teen must be indoors or accompanied by an adult or legal guardian on the streets of most major cities.

Teens with curfews are usual responsible and adhere to the rules of their parents and some law enforcement agencies. 

A teen might tell their parents that all of their friends are allowed to stay out much later or that their friends don’t have any curfews. A good response from parents could be, “I’m not responsible for those teens. My responsibility, as a parent is making certain you are safe at all times and a curfew will let me know what time to expect you at home, each time you go out.” 

While, enforcing a curfew on your teen may be difficult. It is well worth the time and effort to make certain that they’re safe. Tell your teens they have a whole life ahead of them to explore and stay out late. Good parents want to make sure they live past their teen years.