Eating out during Weaning

Weaning is an exciting stage of your baby’s development. However, life doesn’t stand still and most parents will want to venture out of the house occasionally during this time. If you enjoy going out as a family, you will want to eat out with your children, especially if this is part of a family day out. One concern that many parents have is that it may be problematic eating out with a young baby during the weaning stage. This need not be the case. Here are a few simple tips that parents may find helpful when eating out at restaurants with a baby during the weaning phase.

Check out child-friendly restaurants

Different restaurants have different policies with regards to children eating there, and while most allow children, some are more family-friendly than others. Find out which local restaurants have a reputation for being child-friendly before eating out. This means that you are likely to be more relaxed for the experience and that other parents are likely to also be eating out there. This means that you will all feel more comfortable with having a noisy, messy baby with you than if you were eating at a restaurant that caters predominantly for adults and where others will expect a peaceful and quiet environment to eat in.

Ask friends for recommendations

Friends who have children will be able to relate their own experiences to you. They will be able to tell you where they have felt comfortable, where serves baby food, the restaurants with the best children’s menus and which restaurants have play facilities for any older children to keep them entertained.

Take your own food

Some larger chains of restaurants offer baby food which they will warm for you on the premises. In some other restaurants it may be necessary for you to take your own food. If this is the case, simply take a baby food bowl that can be sealed with enough food for your baby. Taking your own baby food can also be preferable if you prefer to use homemade baby food rather than manufactured jars of baby food. This way you will know exactly what your baby is eating and you will also save on the cost of purchasing a jar of baby food from the restaurant.

Take baby wipes

During the weaning stage, babies can make a lot of mess. While this can make them look cute and adorable, the likelihood is that you will want to keep them looking at least a little respectable while you are eating out. Taking plenty of baby wipes with you is the easiest solution to this problem as not only will you be able to wipe your baby’s hands, clothes and face, you will also be able to clean any excess food that the baby has split on the table or high chair and prevent them from making further mess on themselves or their clothes.