Easy Ways to keep your Kids Active

Numbers keep rising for childhood weight problems and all the health issues that follow. Developing healthy active children is a great preventative measure. Life long sporting habits and activities are easy to develop. Make it fun for the kids and yourselves.

Walking for exercise, to clear the head and for pure pleasure is a cheap and lifelong activity. We used it as a way to introduce the children to nature pointing out flowers and pets. We got them accustomed using a baby pack before they could walk. When they begin to walk on their own we let them go a short distance, gradually lengthening the time on their own. All too soon we were the ones huffing to keep up.

The park was always an adventure. We bought some beat up rackets at a rummage sale and started them off on tennis in their twos. At first it was just connect, next came the net. Then they would count how many times they could go back and fourth. The actual game of tennis didn’t come into play until six or so.

Swimming we started at a couple of weeks. The oldest took to it like a fish and swam the splashy dog paddle from day one. The other was a little slower to get afloat but loved the splashing right away. Both could swim before they could walk.

Dance, we learned from TV and tapes and books from the library. Not only is dancing fun but a good socializing tool to have in the life kit. My dancing abilities helped to develop their lungs as it caused gales of laughter to erupt spontaneously.

Golf began around two. We picked up a couple of bent kids clubs from the local municipal course. Putting was easy we’d start from about six inches, take turns and slowly move the ball out from the hole. Driving came later. We didn’t have a lot of money, but the kids would do chores around the club house in return for play time. This has turned out not only to develop a life long activity; it has become a good business tool as well.

The time we spent with our kids in developing these activities was invaluable. Neither of our children excelled in sports in school, but they enjoyed them nonetheless. They both developed leadership skills through sporting activities. How to work and get along with others and team building was a natural part of their lives early on and has served them well in life.

As a family we still thirty years later gather for golf, water sports, dancing and walking. Now it is the kids taking us out to keep us in shape so what goes around comes around. The time we get to spend with them is still invaluable.