Easy ways to entertain kids

It can be quite easy to keep toddlers entertained as long as you immerse yourself in their world. Try to think like a child or by remembering what you liked as a child. Pre-school children love to laugh, they find the silliest thing funny. If you can make a child laugh then you have their undivided attention.

Remember that toddlers are new to the world around them and are eager to learn about it. They will be very receptive and eager to do things for themselves. Kids love to create things. Painting and drawing is great fun and enables them to express themselves and learn how to use and manipulate pens, pencils, crayons, paint brushes etc. whilst they learn about colours and making a mess, too.

Playing with water is usually exciting for children. All that is required is a small bowl with an inch or two of water in it. This could follow on from painting, as the child may need to wash their hands and any implements. Plastic toys such as ducks, boats and any other child-friendly item will keep kids amused and entertained.   

Most toddlers will be familiar with the technology of today. Making things like mobile phones, i- phones, i-pads is fun to do. All that is needed is some craft foam or cardboard and adhesive. The imagination is a wonderful thing, let yours blossom when playing with children. Children love pretend play and can become completely engrossed in it.  

Kids often play more with things that adults think boring, such as empty cardboard boxes. How many times has one heard someone say that the child was more interested in playing with the box than the toy inside it. This is because a child has an active imagination and has the ability to find joy in anything, not just expensive gadgets and toys. A box can be anything from a house to a shop. Kids also like to sit in, hide in, put toys in etc. You could help them by drawing windows and doors on it.

Telling children simple stories by either making them up or reading to them is good for getting them to chill out and wind down a little. The child can also be encouraged to make up stories too.

Dolls and finger or hand puppets make excellent play things. As children love it if they think that the toy is talking to them. Kids love to interact and talk to the dolls, puppets as if they were real. It is easy to make a sock into a hand puppet if you don’t have a store bought one.

Keeping toddlers entertained can also involve outdoor activities. A walk to the park, play grounds or just a walk for walks sake. Kids love being out in the open and will want to talk about the things they see outside. Don’t forget that children find the simplest thing exciting. Whatever the season there will be plenty to talk about.

Toddlers need to be supervised at all times. It can be really rewarding to see children enjoying themselves. Entertaining toddlers need not be a chore.