Easy Gardening Activities for Kids

Getting children interested in gardening can be very fulfilling. Children can learn about the environment, the importance of caring for living things and also keep fit by having lots of fresh air and doing physical activity which is fun at the same time. It does depend upon your child’s individual abilities as to what they can do in terms of gardening but below are some examples as to how you can involve your child in gardening.

* Watering

Children love water, they like to splash around and get wet in general and so embracing this and channelling this enjoyment towards the garden is easy to do. Children enjoy watering flowers and plants especially when they have their very own watering can. There are many different watering cans that you can buy, some are extremely cheap but still cheerful and do the job well. Help your child to water the plants by showing them how to do so; not too much water, try to avoid the leaves and so forth. This will teach children about how plants need to drink to grow but also about how fragile they can be if they don’t have enough/too much. This is a very easy activity even for the very young child.

* Digging

Another potentially messy activity which children seem to adore! If you’ve got a flower bed to dig out then involve your child in doing so! Ensure that they have a space which is appropriate for them so they do not hurt themselves. Show them how to dig up the soil and let them enjoy getting messy and being ‘helpful’. As your child is doing the digging you can explain to them why you are doing so and what will happen.

* Planting

Planting plants may be a challenging process for a young child but you will know if your child is able to help you with this gardening step or not. Show your child what to do and why you are choosing a certain space/depth in the flower bed. Your child can help you to put the plants into the ground and gather the soil up around it. This will give your child a sense of achievement as they will see the end result and get to watch the flower grow.

* Weeding time

Weeding is not a particularly enjoyable activity for us adults but this doesn’t mean children won’t enjoy it! Be sure that you explain to your children which plants are weeds and how to identify them. If your child needs to wear protective gloves then make sure that they keep them on and understand why. You could run a little competition to see who can pull the most weeds in the shortest time. Children may also be able to help with dead-heading and sweeping up of leaves, all activities which help to tidy up our gardens and make them look nicer so children will be able to see a result a the end of it.

* Collecting things

Engage your child in collecting various items to add to your garden. This may entail looking for specific stones for your rockery or wood for making a bird table. This can keep your children occupied for a while as they look around the local park or even in your own garden to see if there is anything appropriate.

Gardening may seem like an adult activity but there is no reason why children cannot be engaged in this. You must always ensure that your child has appropriate tools for their age and that you supervise them as sometimes gardening can lead to accidents if children are left to their own devices.