Easing baby’s teething pain

All children cope with teething differently, some suffer more than others. It is hard to see your little one suffering, so naturally you want to do all you can to relieve their pain. Most babies will get their first tooth around 6-9 months of age. However, symptoms can occur weeks before the first tooth is ready to break through. Your baby may become quite fussy and irritable during peak teething times and this can be quite stressful for baby and you the parents as well.

Ways to ease teething pain:

Preventing a rash

A lot of dribbling comes with teething, so you may need plenty of good absorbing bibs and spare T-shirts. Keep your babies face and chest dry, as the constant dribbling can cause a rash. It is always easier to prevent a rash than it is to cure it. This is quite hard to achieve when your little one is dribbling constantly. It can be a good idea to use a bib; however, some babies don’t like to keep a bib on for long. A soft flannel can be used to dab around the mouth to prevent the chin from becoming sore, dry and chapped.

Teething aids

It is better to provide items for your little one to bite on that are safe, as they could bite off small parts off of other objects that could be choked on. There are many different teething aids on the market that are designed for different ages and stages of teething. You can find water filled or gel filled teething rings which can be cooled in the fridge. The gel filled teething rings tend to stay cooler for longer periods of time. You can also get teething beads that have different textures to help alleviate painful gums.

Natural methods

A cold, wet flannel for baby to chew on provides a little relief on the gums and can always be readily available. The texture of the flannel helps by massaging the gums as baby chews on it. However, do make sure you replace and wash these daily to stop germs from building up on the flannel. Offer a clean finger for your baby to gnaw on. Your baby may enjoy gumming on your knuckle; however, you will soon find other ways to provide relief once that first sharp tooth comes through.


Your baby may lose interest in food and eat less than usual during teething times. Baby may cry when eating, as the gums are sore. Some foods can actually provide some relief to teething tots. It is a good idea to revert back to soft foods and pureed food whilst the gums are tender, as hard foods may cause discomfort and put baby off eating.

A slice of dry toast, without the crust is favorable when teething, as the rough texture stimulates the gums. A cup of cold water can help to soothe the gums, as it washes over the gums when taken. Cold foods may provide some relief to soothe the gums. Food such as yogurt is a favorite for some teething babies, as this requires no chewing and is cool against the gums. Once your toddler is on finger foods you can offer foods such as carrot sticks that have been chilled in the fridge. Never offer anything frozen to prevent burns, chilled in the fridge is cold enough to help soothe gums.

Comfort and distraction

Comfort and distraction is good for baby when teething. Try to find something different for your little one to do to take his or her mind off of the teething discomfort. As well as this offer lots of cuddles for comfort. There is no better medicine than a cuddle from mummy or daddy when not feeling so good. Give comfort throughout this time more than usual.

Pain relief

As a last resort when nothing else works and both you and your child are exhausted you may decide to reach for pain relief. If your baby is obviously suffering with the teething process, teething gels may help relieve the discomfort. If you or your baby is really desperate, check with your doctor or pharmacist for the best medical pain relief. However, the use of medication for infants should be kept to a bare minimum where possible.

If you are worried at all and if your baby won’t settle contact your doctor or health visitor for advice. In many cases, an infant just needs a little extra care and items that can provide relief to sore gums. Try to keep baby distracted and offer lots of comfort. Cool foods and drinks are a good way to help soothe the gums, and teething aids can offer something extra to provide relief.