Early Signs of Pregnancy

Many women find out that they are pregnant when they miss a period and take a test which comes up positive. But there are also other ways in which you may be able to tell that you are pregnant. The first symptoms of pregnancy vary between individual women but below is a list of some of the signs that may indicate that you are pregnant. 

* Nausea.
Morning sickness is a very well known symptom of pregnancy and often occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy. It affects many women, some even experience it for much longer or all the way through their pregnancies although for most it will ease by the second trimester. Eating small meals throughout the day may help to relieve this symptom.  

* Missed period.
If you have missed a period this is a very big sign that you are pregnant. Many pregnant women will miss their periods, however, it is also possible to experience periods which are much lighter and not similar to your usual ones. This is a good indication that you are pregnant. Other things too can cause a missed period such as stress or diet so if you do miss a period it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are pregnant.

* Tiredness.
During the first trimester many women report feeling very tired. It can be noticed very early on during pregnancy, even before you have missed a period. Some women report feeling tired just days after conception has taken place.

* Mood swings.
Mood swings can be experienced during the early weeks of pregnancy as the hormone levels in the body change.  

* Increased need to urinate.
The amount of fluids in your body increases when you are pregnant which leads to you needing to urinate more. This is a common symptom of pregnancy although usually doesn’t occur until around 6 weeks after conception.

* Sore breasts.
Your breasts may become sore and sensitive to touch during pregnancy. Again, this is due to the increased levels of hormones in your body.

* Food.
Some food may make you feel sick or not taste the same. You may also notice a strange taste in your mouth after meals. This again is linked to pregnancy.  

There are many symptoms of pregnancy but it is important to remember that not everyone will experience every one and that they vary in intensity from individual to individual. If you do suspect that you are pregnant then you should see your doctor to have it confirmed.