Early Childhood Education Tools

Early education

It is very important for children to be educated early in life. The sooner they learn, the quicker they will be able to use their abilities in everyday activities. Learning to do specific tasks at an early age gives your child the opportunity and creativity that is required as they become more independent. There are many ways you can help educate your child to his or her full potential.

Children’s toys

Your child can learn while also enjoying the fun of playing with toys. There are so many educational toys on the market today, it’s difficult to choose which ones are suitable for your child’s needs. Children will get great enjoyment and use valuable motor skills if they have toys such as, building blocks, alphabetical puzzles, toys that play music, or toys which your child can interact with in general. Listening to and playing musical instruments stimulates your child’s senses. It is important to buy age appropriate toys for your child. Allowing your child to listen to stimulating music, or reading to child, can be done at birth. In fact, it is best to start reading to your child early, as early intervention in the learning process is recommended.


This method is used to teach children how to read English. Phonics teaches the child to associate letters in conjunction with different sounds. This method is used to teach children when they are five – six years of age. There are varying types of phonics and how this method is used in the learning process. Synthetic phonics teaches the sounds of each letter, then eventually builds up so that the sound is of a whole word. Analytic, embedded, and analogy are other types of phonics used in the education field.

School supplies

What does your child need for school? Here is a list of items that your child will require when starting school. This is a basic list, but many schools have their own list of what your child will need to bring to school. It is advisable to check with your child’s school before supplying your child with the various items below:

Pencils – Two or three pencils.
Paper – Construction paper for beginners and a writing tablet.
Sharpener – Plastic can be used, but metal sharpeners are more durable.
Calculator – For older children.
Eraser – For errors.
A pencil case – To carry all the supplies.
A backpack or book bag – For carrying all the supplies.

Teachers’ supplies

Teachers’ can find many good quality supplies for the classroom on-line. You will be able to search by subject, such as, music, English, math, science, social studies, or any other subject that you require. There are numerous types of art and crafts equipment, globes, flash cards, active play toys, puzzles, and much more to choose from. If you are looking for a good website with quality supplies then you will find all the supplies you need here:


Children’s music

Children love to listen to music, and it is an essential practice for the learning process. Listening to music can help a child relax, but can also be beneficial in helping your child have fun. Children like to dance, dancing is one of the best forms of physical activity for your child. The Baby Einstein series of Cd’s are an educational set of Cd’s that will improve your child’s learning abilities. Cd’s with lullabies, sing-A-Long’s, and story Cd’s are also good listening for your child. There are so many titles to choose from, such as, Barney, Disney, Pokemon, Sesame Street, and various children’s compilation  Cd’s.

Toy’s and ladybugs

Ladybugs are a child’s favorite bug, they are bright in color, and interesting to look at. Toys that are designed around the ladybug are attractive and can also be of educational value to children and parent’s. Tents, games, and sandboxes are just some of the toys that come in the shape of the ladybug. Also balls and wooden toys with ladybugs featured on them are readily available and can be reasonably cheap to purchase.