Drug Free Cold Cures for Children

Having a cold is bad enough when you are an adult, but when a child has it, this can seem even worse. Not only are you responsible for managing their symptoms which means a lot of snotty tissues and coughing things up, but you also have to make them better as fast as you can because you don’t want to see them ill. Over the counter cold remedies are not only expensive, but they are also packed full of potentially dangerous chemicals that could harm your child. But thankfully there are many drug free cold cures for kids.

Coughing and chest congestion can not only be annoying to children it can also be incredibly uncomfortable.  The constant pressure of the cough can hurt your child’s chest and head. Honey contains a natural anti septic and decongestant, give half a teaspoon to children ages 2-5 and a whole teaspoon for kids ages 6-11. Please do not give honey to children under the age of 1 as it is not considered safe at this age.

Steam is one of the most effective ways of curing a cold, the heat from the steam not only clears the nasal passages and bronchial tubes, and it also helps to kill a number of germs. Place a few drops of tea tree oil into a hot bath and sit with the child in the bathroom and inhale the steam. Do not place the child in the bath because it will be too hot and tea tree oil should not be used on children. Simply inhale the vapours.

Rest is one of the best drugs, it not only helps to strengthen out immune system it also gives us the energy to deal with any symptoms we may already have. Try to make sure that your child gets plenty of rest.

Fluids are also essential to healing, adequate hydration is essential for helping us flush out germs and other nasty bacteria. Water, fruit juices and milk are all great for helping a child heal. It is an old wives tale that milk makes a cold worse, this is only true if a child is lactose intolerant.

Saline nasal sprays have one major advantage over store bought decongestants and this is that they can be used repeatedly with no adverse effects. Unlike over the counter decongestants which should not be used for more than three days at a time because they can make symptoms much worse. Simply have your child blow their nose and apply a couple of drops up each nostril, be sure your child waits at least half an hour before blowing their nose again.

Drug free cold cures can work just as quickly and efficiently as over the counter medicines and they have no dangerous chemicals or unwanted side effects.