Drawbacks to Working at Home

Working at home with children could seem like an ideal job but in reality there are drawbacks. Possible drawbacks that you may experience include; trying to juggle, dealing with distractions and problems with organising workload.

If you work amongst your children you will find that you are trying to juggle your job as a parent along with your job as an employee. It can be hard for you to focus on your work when your children are around making you wonder which you should put first and trying to find a way to balance the two demands. Juggling your demands on a daily basis like this can be a huge drawback as it can make your work suffer and cause you to feel stressed and if you feel stressed it can effect the quality of your work which can make you more stressed thus ensuring a viscious circle.

You can also be easily distracted if you work from home with children because children are very good distractions indeed! If you are trying to work and your children are nearby you can find it hard to concentrate as you hear your children’s voices or you are called to help them with something. You may also be tempted to take more breaks so you can spend more time with them. If you work from home these distractions are constantly around you making it a drawback to this way of working.

You quality of work may be effected because you are finding it hard to organise your workload around your kids’ routines and demands. If you work from home with children around you have to be very oragnised and not just with what work you are doing but also with what your children are doing. You cannot simply just begin work like you would if you worked outside of the home instead you have to find activities for your kids too which can then impact upon your workload oragnisation. If your quality of work is effected it could cause problems with your work in the long run.

There are drawbacks endured if you work from home with children around and it can make your work suffer. It can be a very positive way to work though as you can cut out childcare costs and spend more time with your children. Whether it is suitable for your family and your personality traits though is up to you to decide.