Drawbacks to Moms Working at Home

While working at home with children is incredibly rewarding, there are several drawbacks that can make it a challenge.  If a mother is thinking about working at home, it is best that she know about these drawbacks so she can establish strategies for managing them.

* Conflicting priorities.  Managing work priorities along with caring for children can be extremely difficult.  On one hand, children require lots of individual attention.  You want to share their daily experiences including playing with them and caring for their many needs.  On the other hand, most jobs require lots of focus.  This tug-of-war can create tension and detract from your ability to be a good worker and a good parent.

* Multiple distractions.  When you work from home, it is incredibly easy to get swept up into what’s happening around the house.  Whether it’s entertaining your child’s friends, shopping for presents, working on your child’s school projects, or doing loads of laundry, when you don’t feel like working there are many ways to keep yourself from staying focused.

* Job performance could suffer.  Since mothers often choose their children over their work, there is a possibility that their work could suffer as a result of working from home.  A mother could even lose her job if she failed to meet deadlines or deliver a quality product.  Mothers who work at home also need to make extra effort to stay involved in the professional world since they don’t work in an office or attend client meetings, etc.

* Lack of interest in work.  After a while, mothers who work at home may feel so distracted that they decide not to work and focus on their children instead.  This is fine if the family budget can allow for it, but more often than not there is a reason the mother is working – to pay the bills.  Lack of money can easily lead to tension and unrest in the household.

* Family assumes work at home moms can do all household chores.  Sometimes families put too much burden on mothers who work at home and don’t take their careers seriously.  In this scenario, mothers can become disillusioned with working at home, annoyed by the distractions, and even resentful .  Hopefully mothers can recognize this pattern early on and develop coping strategies to make working at home “work”. 

Whatever reasons a mother has for choosing to work at home, she will most likely need to revisit those reasons as she faces challenges along the way.  In the end, most moms come to realize that the sacrifices involved are worth it.